Sunday, May 6, 2012

(UPDATED with Video) Tornado in Ibaraki Prefecture

UPDATE (5/7/2012):
890 houses were damaged in Ibaraki and Tochigi Prefectures.
52 people injured, one died (14-year-old boy).
9 kilometer long path in northern Tsukuba City
F3 on Fujita scale.
Japan Meteorological Agency issued warning 10 minutes before the tornado hit, but Tsukuba City didn't have the public warning system. The city in Tochigi hit by the tornado did have the public warning system, but didn't bother to use it because "warnings happen all the time".


Nothing seems to go right for Japan since March 11, 2011...

From Yomiuri Shinbun (5/6/2012):

  • Northern part of Tsukuba City in Ibaraki Prefecture was hit by tornado at about 45 minutes past noon on May 6, 2012.

  • As of 2:40PM, at least 30 houses were destroyed, 30 people injured, including heavily injured.

  • About 17,000 households are without electricity.

  • Hails as big as 3 centimeters in diameters fell in Mito City.

ANN video. OMG.


Karen Sherry Brackett said...

Bless your hearts. Japan has been through so much already. Hugs & Prayers

Atomfritz said...

Even in Germany there have been observed tornado-like wind hoses in the last years. These were very small tornadoes only, luckily.
People are amazed about this, as tornadoes were practically unknown in Germany.
That climate is changing seems undeniable.

Today is the last chance to submit public comments on the ENSREG stress tests. (thanks to Christian Mueller / for pointing to this!)

I ask every reader who has looked at the European stress test documents, please comment there on weak points that have not been touched by the stress tests. Thank you.

Please go to this link:

Anonymous said...

Supermoon, gravitaional pull and solar weather folks. There is NO Man-Made global warming.

Chibaguy said...

@anon 3:21, if there is no man made global warming let's scrap nukes. If there is, let's scrap nukes. They do not help either way.

Anonymous said...

HARRP is being tested around the World.
Laugh but, prove it is not!

Nuke plants have been purposely place on fault lines and earthquake zone. These death machines are in place to quietly decrease the Earth's population. As the NRC extents the licenses of these old, decaying plants.....the risks of plant meltdowns increases 100-fold!

Just one melted plant in Japan is causing the experts to say, "Our civilization is at risk of being destroyed by this single event." Imagine, if 5 or 10 or 100 plants were to breakdown and begin to meltdown.

All a single plant worker would have to do is damage the core cooling system or spent fuel cooling system. Game over for all of us!

So, who really need nuclear power? The globalists criminals needed the plants in strategic places for population control. Remember, a great deal of planning and deception goes into the creation of these time bombs.

Trust that the people creating these public dangers, are not looking out for your best interests or that of your children's!

Anonymous said...

Senator Wyden should be informed that this tornado struck about 110 miles south of Spent Fuel Pool 4.

Anonymous said...

Comments section getting weirder and weirder.

Anonymous said...

HARRPy: If this were their agenda, it would be much easier, and less tracable with a virus. And they could even choose who lives (by vaccinating their military forces). No, I don't think this is a conspiracy. It is instead simple human stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, people in Japan. No bad situation lasts forever. Although, as far as the nuclear stuff is concerned ... The Fukushima plant wasn't affected by this weather, was it?

Anyway, am joining Karen sending you all my best wishes.

Chibaguy said...

I am not so concerned about tornadoes as I am human error. We all panic and that is is natural. This combines with worthless inspections is why I do not see a future for NPPs. One thing goes wrong and you find yourself escaping into a plume that is more radioactive. I forgot, it doesn't help that they planted these on fault lines. Go Noda and get forced out for being a tool.

debrabmaddox said...

ELE ....could be,,u just do not know whats REALLY going on,,,,oh,,,like they would give us the truth,no way,,its all a cover up for all of their SCAMS on all of us living on this planet,,,

Anonymous said...

"HARRP is being tested around the World.
Laugh but, prove it is not!"

WTF?! Prove that it is. Fuck the HAARP CRAAP use Occam's Razor instead and it simply boils down to moronic egotistical greedy bastards. Sigh.

Anonymous said...


Apolline said...

OT :
For the french election, the winner is...François Hollande. (same name as the country)
Good luck, France :-(

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

"Socialist Party challenger François Hollande has beaten incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy in a tight run-off election to win the French presidency with 51.9% of the vote to Sarkozy’s 48.1%, Ipsos exit polls show."

Pat Kittle said...

Human overpopulation is our biggest problem.

Our population should NEVER have gotten big enough to make nuclear power seem like an option in the first place! Those of us who understand this are called "globalists" -- regardless of our motives or our actual economic status.

There will be no "sustainability" until our population is much smaller (that is why I had no children). Sadly, even most so-called "environmentalists" either don't understand this, or are afraid to publicly say it. Endless growth in a finite world is absurd, and the pursuit of it is insane!

My best wishes for the admirable Japanese, whose population was returning to a sustainable size even before Fukushima.

Anonymous said...

That's the most disgusting comment I've read.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the overpopulation comment.

It is the push for growth that has ruined the earth. We had a shot at "back to nature" is the 70s and 80s but those in power went for growth rather than sustainability.

We are consuming this planet until there is nothing left and we are using the nuclear industry to power that greed.

It may not be a popular idea but it is the truth.

Anonymous said...

ANON @ 6:13PM

"It may not be a popular idea but it is the truth."

The problem is that the idea is disgusting and false. Stop circling the damage like a happy vulture.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

MAY 6, 2012 10:52 AM

No, you moron, it's HAARP. WTF, you can't even spell it, how can you possibly prove it?

Anonymous said...

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program


10:52AM, is that you Karen? And it's bananas, not banannas!

Pat Kittle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

ANON @ 7:09PM

The idea is disgusting AND the truth.

Pat Kittle said...

EVERY economic system on Earth is based on the ludicrous notion of endless growth (including human population growth).

We've now had more growth than ever before in the entire history (& prehistory) of the human race.

If growth is so great, why are the world's multiplying problems spinning further out of control with every passing day?

If you are embarrassed that you can't answer this basic question, perhaps you'll feel better if you lash out at those of us who dare to ask!

Anonymous said...

Pat Kittle is right. Japan, though they don't yet realize it, is merely leading the rest of the world ito a de-growth, de-population, de-flationary spiral. The sooner the pop falls below 90 million and then some, the better.
If we see a oil disruption problem (peak or otherwise) tho old people in Northern Japan will freeze to death. That they are alive today in such numbers is on account of cheap oil and world class health and hospitalisation services. These are no longer affordable.
It's the end of the road. Japan is awash in debt. Savings are being used up like blotting paper. There are no jobs for the young and they are getting fed up with the old who had everything and used everything and thought JACK for the next generations.
But wait, Japan haters, the same is coming for you too, just around the next corner. And your plight will be worse as your populations have been fed unfettered from the hand out fact you are still voting for more minimum wages and more pie in the sky, France today, Greece tomorrow, Spain last You will all follow Japan. How we all cope and position for the result will be key.

Anonymous said...

There is no race, religion or movement that has overcome the problem of overpopulation, deforestation, pollution and corruption.

We are a common lot when it comes to greed.

So far.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Agenda21 people are here in great numbers...

Anonymous said...

Looks like the anti Agenda21 people are here in lesser numbers...

Anonymous said...

Pat, would you say the same if a nuke accident or tornado happens on your own family? Ah, thank heavens (or earth or whatever) my family got wiped out! Now the future is sustainable!

Pat Kittle said...

Why is it always so difficult for people like you to understand that a population can stop growing through the use of BIRTH CONTROL?

If I wanted people to suffer I would be ANTI-birth control, so overpopulation would be controlled in the usual ways -- ecological collapse, war, starvation, disease, etc., etc.

Now I've answered your question, but you still haven't answered mine -- how can we have endless growth in our finite world?

Ironically, right-wingers typically think stating these facts is some kind of left-wing plot, while left-wingers typically think it's a right-wing plot.

But this goes beyond politics. How can we have endless growth in a finite world?

Anonymous said...

A deflationary spiral and 20 year slide will stop your average western style economy dead in its tracks. No need for birth control. For the other economies I think Pat K says it loud and clear. 'ecological collapse, war, starvation, disease'.
Water, or lack of it (see India and many places China) will solve the overpopulation problem fast.

How can we have endless growth in a finite world? Answer: We can't and we are about to find out what that problem looks like...financially, too. But not al at once, everywhere. Some places will fare better than others. (Some parts of) Japan may be one of the better places where the pressure on resources will be alleviated by falling demand and increasing space.

Anonymous said...

An interesting film on this subject-
Surviving Progress

Anonymous said...

I agree with Pat. Key words are "control population growth" NOT "kill people off to control population growth".

I don't think anyone who mentions overpopulation is promoting murder or gleeful joy when people starve, die of disease or are struck with natural disaster. To assume so makes YOUR thinking and assumptions disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Pat, why don't you show us the way by removing yourself and your family from the Earth?

Anonymous said...

You are suggesting Pat commit suicide? Has she ever suggested murder or suicide as a solution to overpopulation? No. But now you have.

Karen Sherry Brackett said...

LOL, no that was not me. I have only made one other post on this stream which was the Hugs & Prayers one. :D

BTW, if you live in a city I can see how you may fear over population but trust me from my perspective this big old world still has plenty of elbow room to go round. Plus, with space exploration opening up we need more people.

Anonymous said...

Does it make any sense whatsoever to suggest Pat commit suicide when there are over 30,000 suidices annually in Japan for the last 14 years as it is?
No, it makes no sense. Pat is merely pointing out the obvious. Detractors are simply under-researched or living in la la exploration for a start. Doh! There's no money or energy for projects that are pointless. KSB should look to her country's water tables to see if she thinks there is enough elbow room for more exponential growth. I think you have cleverly used up 10,000 years of your water table in the last 100 years. Astonishing! Not long to go.

Anonymous said...

Too many people, too busy, too greedy, too apathetic, too egotistical, too concerned with their own kith and kin.

Too much starvation, fighting, polluting, torture and corruption.

Prayers and hugs everyone. Yeah right, that'll fix it.

Anonymous said...

"Karen Sherry Brackett said...

Plus, with space exploration opening up we need more people."

Are you completely insane, Woman? Space exploration opening up??? Stop watching the SciFi TV channel thinking it's real.

They send unmanned probes out into outer space because nobody knows how to stop cosmic rays from frying humans on longer voyages than to the moon(if that even happened). No gravity for long periods of time=no calcium deposits to bones= severe osteoporosis. Cosmic rays for long periods=deadly radiation=fried humans and fried hardware. Not even the smartest guys at NASA, or anywhere else, know how to solve these two problems. The US government has for a long time cut all funding to NASA for proposed long journeyed manned space missions because they are not possible at this time without resolving the two major problems pointed out. That's why man is unable to actually set foot on Mars. Maybe you could volunteer and hitch a ride on a probe, Karen!!!

Anonymous said...

10:53 PM, you've shown me that stupid can be taken to new heights.

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