Monday, July 2, 2012

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant Reactor 6 Turbine Bldg: Smoke From Compressed Air System Control Panel

Another minor incident at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, this time in the basement of the turbine building for Reactor 6, one of the only two reactors at Fukushima that remain in cold shutdown in the true sense (not the definition by the Noda administration) after the accident.

(Reactor 4 did not have the fuel in it because of the extensive maintenance to replace the core shroud, but Reactors 5 and 6 already had the fuel in the reactor cores as they were just coming out of the maintenance and getting ready to restart.)

As TEPCO seems to have stopped issuing the daily handouts for the press in English summarizing the plant status, here's my translation from the Japanese handout on July 2, 2012. (If there are foreign correspondents in Japan who are still interested in what TEPCO has to say on Fukushima I Nuke Plant, why don't you demand that TEPCO continue to issue these handouts in English?)

・H24/7/2 10:08 6号機タービン建屋地下1階で制御用圧縮空気系(IA系)の空気除湿器の点検が完了し空気除湿器の電源を投入したところ、IA系制御盤から白煙の発生を確認、直ちに除湿器制御盤の電源を切断した。10:21に消防署へ連絡。10:25、白煙が発生していないことを確認。10:26、盤内変圧器に焦げ跡があることを確認。その後、浪江消防署および富岡消防署による現場確認の結果、変圧器外観からの目視では原因等の特定には至らなかったため、明日当該変圧器を取り外し後、再度調査することとした。なお、本事象による外部への放射能の影響はない。

7/2/2012 10:08AM After the maintenance of the air dehumidifier for the Compressed Air System (IA System) located on the first underground level in the Reactor 6 turbine building was completed and the air defunidifier was switched on, we noticed the white smoke coming from the IA System Control Panel. We immediately switched off the control panel for the air dehumidifier. We notified the fire department at 10:21AM. At 10:25AM, we confirmed that the white smoke had stopped. At 10:26, we found a burn at the transformer inside the control panel. Later, Namie Fire Department and Tomioka Fire Department did the site inspection, but the visual inspection of the exterior of the transformer didn't identify the cause. We will remove the transformer and investigate. This incident has no effect on the environment in terms of radioactivity.


Anonymous said...

did you see the AMOUNT of smoke on the Tepco cam?? Enormous amount of smoke billowing past the reactors!! Much more than a faulty switch!!

Susan said...


@2:49 there does appear to be an explosion, an event that correlates with a recorded radiation spike also on June 29. The sky changed its color very quickly (I know its a time lapse) from blue to a yellow, then pink and lilac lavender.

Shortly after that, the TBS/JNN screen went blank grey.

This just happened to coincide with the 234,000 nSv.h radiation reading on June 29.

Live Camera Checker

Anonymous said...

Susan, that video is x20. It's so blurry I can't see a thing. What 234 microsievert/hour radiation are you talking about?

Susan said...

ANON: If you go very slow @2:48 then at exactly @2:49 there is a blast and the sky changed its color very quickly (I know its a time lapse) from blue to a yellow, then pink and lilac lavender. I'm not a scientist, just an artist and that's what I see. Maybe wrong?

On June 29 the reading here was 234,000 nSv/h

I wrote it down. It scared me.
I cannot read Japanese, but maybe the data is still available.

or here

Susan said...

Published on Jun 29, 2012 by LIVECAMERA CHECKER
Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station
TimeLapse x20 Play Speed Encoding

Comments from the clip - others who also saw this as an explosion:
The fire starts @ 1:40 followed by a growing cloud of smoke as the fire spreads @ 2:39 there is a explosion.
LivinH3ll 1 day ago
WoW! What a flash!.......
pxr5porp 1 day ago
That looked like fire followed by a flash point (Explosion)... This is very troubling...
LivinH3ll 1 day ago
christianalovesmark 1 day ago 2
What the hell just happened in this video? This had to be a criticality event!,,
pmnorlando 1 day ago 2

Anonymous said...

chortle, that's just the spent fuel pool inventory and the fresh core fissioning susan, you big silly!

tigny said...


there is a link to an english version on TEPCO's site here:

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