Friday, July 6, 2012

July 6 Protest at KEPCO HQ in Osaka City: 2,700 People Despite the Rain

Protests against the restart of Ooi Nuclear Power Plant have been happening outside Tokyo, too.

The largest outside Tokyo is the protest in front of Kansai Electric (KEPCO) Headquarters in Osaka City. The number of people participating in the protest is steadily growing there. This week's 2,700 is up 500 from last week's 2,200, which was up 700 from the previous week.

Here are some photos on the scene from people who were there:

From Soul Flower Union:

From the blog/twitter reader Rick Streeby who participated in the protest (more photos at the link):

(KEPCO employees accepting leaflets as they leave work)

In Tokyo, the number of people who came to protest despite the rain was 150,000 according to the organizers (not bad at all), and 21,000 according to the police (they upped the number from last week's 17,000). Apparently many more were barred by the police from going out from the Kokkaigijidomae subway station exit.


Anonymous said...

This is truly inspiring. Great job Kansai! Please keep building those numbers next week. Noda is getting more nervous, and all politicians watch trends. Strong growth each week will help drive our message home.

Also, a word of encouragement to anyone out there in the many smaller communities across Japan. If you're looking for a place to hold YOUR Friday 6PM protests, I suggest the front of the local DPJ office. The DPJ appointed this prime minister and his cronies. The DPJ failed to control him. The DPJ is very much a part of the nuclear problem in Japan.

If you can't get to Tokyo or Osaka, please try to spend two hours on Friday 13-JUL from 6PM to 8PM in front of your local DPJ office.

If a small group forms, you can shout Saikadou Hantai in solidarity with the mobs in Tokyo and Kansai . If it is only a few people, you could try simply speaking, and explaining why you are there to anyone who will listen. For example: (1) praying vocally for an end to the DPJ's nuclear war against the Japanese people, (2) reading aloud from transcripts of the Fukushima women's testimonies as broadcast by Tokyo Brown Tabby, (3) reading aloud the Japanese translation of Jonathan Schell's "Nuclear Energy Requires Perfection" essay at, etc.

I think you get the idea.

And please understand that even ONE PERSON, alone in front of a DPJ office can reach some people with the anti-nuke message. In time more people will stand with you, and you will have the sweet personal satisfaction of having started a local movement, all by yourself. CHANGE can start with YOU.

If we are to make a better world for our children, we must do something. I hope you will try this idea.

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