Sunday, July 1, 2012

OT: Asahi TV Corporation Released Its Copyright Claim on My Video (Whose Copyright Belongs to TEPCO)

Update on the Asahi TV's copyright claim on TEPCO's video on my channel.

Youtube just emailed me kindly that:

TV Asahi Corporation has reviewed your dispute and released its copyright claim on your video, "Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Video of Inside the Reactor 1, 10/18/2011".

Maybe I should alert TEPCO that Asahi TV was claiming the copyright on their video.

This particular video has been viewed over 22,000 times. It is the footage of October 18, 2011 excursion by TEPCO workers inside the Reactor 1 building.

More recently in Reactor 1, workers went to the 1st floor to measure the temperatures, radiation levels, and water depth through the gap on the floor. They measured over 10 sieverts/hour radiation 20 centimeter above the surface of the basement water.


Anonymous said...


Richard said...

I'm glad to hear this worked out. Really, each party did sort of have to go through those hoops.

YouTube do state that they stand for freedom of speech and at the same time must maintain copyright rules.

I think kudos to YouTube, not so sure about Asahi.

Beppe said...

Maybe just a mistake by TV Asahi? If all the TV stations covered nuclear issues as they have done so far we might be better off.
Anyways, I feel relieved that the dispute has been solved quickly and in fairness.
Primavera-san, my congratulations :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think you should tell TEPCO what TV Asahi did. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Yeah way to go exskf, you fucking tell em ... Asahi trying to bully people? face palm by Ultraman

a female Faust said...

Good for you sir!!! Right on! I am indeed interested and applaud you

Asahi did this with me as well, asserting a claim over the longer "helicopter fly-over catches glimpse of corium" video. it was on a page with some enlarged stills i had made to better ascertain how this particular excursion was accomplished (it followed along a pipe). In any event I thought it was Tepco's and not Asahi's, and I thought it fair use, given the circumstances. public welfare. honestly.

Because it is googlevideo, it is still visible; and because it is still visible I played Falstaff. backed down.

i wonder then if i may retroactively challenge?



no nukes.

Abuthahir said...

Hello Ashi Tv Corporation
How to use your videos without copyrights strike

Unknown said...

Please tv asahi remove strike from my channel i never upload any copyright content :( please

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