Monday, July 30, 2012

Masao Yoshida, Former Plant Manager of #Fukushima I Nuke Plant, Is Hospitalized for Cerebral Hemorrhage

TEPCO says "His life is not in danger."

Judging from the past 16 months of communication by TEPCO and the Japanese government (who are one and the same at this point, after the effective takeover of TEPCO by the government), it may simply mean "not in immediate danger", and by "immediate" it means "instantaneously".

TEPCO announced the news 4 days after it happened.

From Jiji Tsushin (7/30/2012):


Former Fukushima I Nuke Plant Manager Yoshida underwent emergency operation for cerebral hemorrhage, his life is not in danger, says TEPCO


TEPCO announced on July 30 that Masao Yoshida (age 57), former plant manager of Fukushima I Nuclear Power plant, complained of feeling ill on the evening of July 26 when he was away from home, and that he underwent an emergency operation for cerebral hemorrhage at the hospital he was brought to. The operation was successful, and he is conscious even though he is still in grave condition. TEPCO says his life is not in danger.


Since the start of the nuclear accident on March 11 last year, Mr. Yoshida led his team of workers to deal with the accident as the plant manager. He was diagnosed with esophagus cancer and hospitalized in November last year. He resigned as the plant manager at the end of November and has been receiving medical treatment at home.


TEPCO's Junichi Matsumoto didn't explain the details of when Yoshida suffered cerebral hemorrhage, saying it was his family's wish. According to the doctor [at the hospital?] there is no direct relationship between the cerebral hemorrhage and the esophagus cancer.


TEPCO announced in December last year that Mr. Yoshida's radiation exposure level after the start of the nuclear accident was about 70 millisieverts. The latent period for esophagus cancer is between 5 to 10 years. At the time of the announcement, TEPCO quoted Dr. Makoto Akashi, Executive Director at National Institute of Radiological Sciences, who said the possibility was extremely low that [Yoshida's esophagus cancer] was caused by radiation exposure.


Anonymous said...

TEPCO says "His life is not in danger."

All of our lives are in danager thanks to TEPCO.

Why do they even continue to speak such nonsense. Nobody believes them anymore. It's long past time for that company to be disassembled, and its staff never permitted to work in jobs where their decisions could harm other people. Please, let's make the monster that is TEPCO go away forever.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Please remember TEPCO is part of the national government. It cannot go away unless...

Anonymous said...

Masao Yoshida has my prayers for his recovery. Of all the TEPCO managers, he was the ONLY one who seemed to be pro-active in the Fukushima disaster during 3-11 and thru the summer. He now has cancer -- and now hemoraging. While his illness will likely never be confirmed to be caused by Fukushima's radation, he is a victim as well.For his family and for recognition of his bravery , Japan should be awarding him the highest honors.

kintaman said...

Well they were "immediate" impact to human health. It just took almost a year for him to get cancer of the esophagus and now later a brain hemorrhage.

The scientists report risk probability to us and the data may be true but it may be false or miscalculated. Either way if you are anywhere near the disaster or in the path of the fallout you have an evelated risk of health issues down the road.

Thank you TEPCO. Why aren't all those responsible for the disaster and subsequent lies not locked up or better yet working at the clean up site (Fukushima Daiichi) forever?

Anonymous said...

At anon 5:06, Yoshida is a low life lying dog. I hope he suffers miserably. Along with all the other tepco execs.

How the hell can you defend the scum? Let em die!

Prosecute them first, take all their assets and give it to the people of Fukushima.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

There are a whole lot more people who justifiably deserve the word "scum" than Mr. Yoshida.

Anonymous said...

I pray for him because he is human. Plus I hear he's a real cowboy who knows how to drain a bottle of Suntory Old.
One day I'd like to have a drink with him. I could hold up my glass and say, "you are one impressive engineer and leader, Yoshida san. With only three reactors operational, you and your team managed to explode four of them!"
Let us all raise our glass to Yoshida-san; a true Japanes hero! Kanpai~~~

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