Thursday, August 2, 2012

August 3 Friday Protest at PM Official Residence, and Organizers Will Allow Protest Against Nuclear Regulation Commission Appointment

How generous of them to allow deviation from their "single issue" (i.e. "saikado hantai" - against (Ooi Nuke Plant) restart).

From Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes website:


This time, because the appointment of commissioners for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is imminent, which requires consent of the Diet, we will also appeal for the retraction of the plan that will appoint people from the "nuclear village", including Mr. Shunichi Tanaka.

【日時】8/3(金)18:00〜20:00 予定

Date: Friday August 3rd, 6 to 8PM
Place: In front of the Prime Minister's Official Residence, and in Nagata-cho/Kasumigaseki area [where the government ministries and agencies are located]
Please use Kasumigaseki Station, Toranomon Station and Sakuradamon Station. Kokkaigijidomae Station on Chiyoda Line and Marunouchi Line is expected to be hugely crowded.

If any of you are going, please write in the comment section tomorrow.

Again, I'm not too thrilled with these young and rather arrogant organizers who have been dissing anyone older than them, but I support people of all ages expressing their discontent directly to the power that be in Kasumigaseki.

There will be a protest AFTER this orderly event at Goshi Hosono's ministry (Ministry of the Environment). The protest will demand Hosono replace the soon-to-be-appointed commissioners of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission with people outside the "nuclear village". Information from "Hinan no Kenri" (right to evacuate) blog:

8月3日(金) 20:15~21:00

Date: Friday August 3, 8:15PM to 9PM
Place: In front of the Ministry of the Environment (Joint Government Building No.5)
See the map:


We will make "human chain" in one corner that includes the Ministry of the Environment. (Please bring placards, musical instruments [anything that makes noise] and anything that shines.)

(They should be demanding Hosono be removed from his ministerial post, sent off to pick up the highly radioactive debris and wash down the fuel assembly at Fukushima I Nuke Plant so that he can claim "See, there is no radioactivity!")

This group will be also protesting in front of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Annex (where NISA is housed) from 6:20PM to 8PM, against the Nuclear Regulatory Commission appointment and the restart of Ooi Nuclear Power Plant.

If you go to the Friday protest, check them out, too

People in Osaka City is protesting in front of KEPCO Headquarters, as usual.


Maju said...

I am beginning to think that there has never been in Japan anything like an ecologist movement or anarchists, right? I mean how can a handful of facebook organizers control anything of this size?

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