Thursday, August 2, 2012

Friday Protest Channels at Yasumi Iwakami's IWJ

For those of you who want to watch.

Channel 1: by Yasumi Iwakami, at the front gate of the Diet Building
Channel 3: aerial video (from 9PM) [his group is flying a helicopter]
Channel 4: at the stage in front of the Diet Building
Channel 5: at the front of the protest at PM Official Residence
Channel 6: Ministry of Finance - Diet Building - Family area
Channel 7: Protest at Ministry of Economy (5PM), Protest against appointment of Nuclear Regulatory Commission (6:30PM)
Channel 8: Protest at Ministry of Education (4:30PM), "Human chain" at Ministry of the Environment (8:15)


Channel Osaka 1: Protest at KEPCO Headquarters in Osaka City against Ooi restart

No info as to whether the meeting between Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda and the organizers is actually happening today or not.


Little canary said...

This is a question for this blog author, La primavera.

Did you know that today after a year of non execution, The Japanese Justice system condemn 2 men to the death penalty?

According to the facts, 86% of the japanese population approves death penalty, more than anti nukes rioters.

These men sentenced to death row are not allowed to move or stand up, sitting like this up to years and sentenced in hours in some cases without prior notice.
Similar to the Nuke industry.
(Similar to Guantanamo tortures)

Amnisty International, publicly citized how the lack of discussion and transpency are regular basis for the Japanese Justice system.
Similar to the Nuke industry.

Understanding this "Modern" System there is no doubt that people affected by radiation in japan are expendable or "shouganai jatsu".

Little Canary said...

Oh! but smile life is still beautiful.

Is just that today is an execution day since we have got a Full moon.

You know is an old ritual among the ellites...

Anonymous said...

@Little Canary, yes the justice system in Japan is medeival, no human rights and massive abuse, just like the nuke industry, look at how Japan treats its own citizens from the A Bomb survivors to Minamata, and now Fukushima.... absolutely horrendous heartlessness by the Japanese and surprised they have gotten away with it all....

Anonymous said...

@9:09 In the old days the Japanese were educated to the idea that dying for the emperor was their duty and privilege. In other words, they were told that they were expendable cannon fodder and many people sincerely believed that what they were told by the goverment was the right thing to do.
It appears that the government philosophy did not change: it is the citizens duty and privilege to eat contaminated food to help Tepco and its government reduce the civil damages bill.
Having said so, writing that the Japanese, all of them, are heartless is hardly appropriate; writing that "they got away with it" is even less appropriate; what do you propose to do? Send the marines korps to teach compassion to the Japanese?

Anonymous said...

@Beppe I guess I should rephrase it when I mean "Japanese" I mean the powers that be and the enablers of the status quo here, people like Hashimoto, Ishihara , Teachers who feed the kids radioactive food , the mayor of Yokohama and countless other sociopaths who have no soul for the average citizen in and around Fukushima.... most Japanese are being victimized just like the A bomb survivors and Minanmata survivors were.

Little canary said...

@Beppe and @9:09
My point was, as long as 86% of the japanese population approves death penalty to me is equal to those men in power who fight to keep all the Nuclear plants alive.

Maybe the issue here is not the top officials but the lack of compassion and cooperation by the society in general.

What I propose is to stay away from been divided by any group or political party and rethink ourselves as a whole race.

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