Wednesday, August 29, 2012

FOX News: Bolivian Police Seize 2 Tons of Uranium

From FOX News Latino (8/29/2012):

Bolivian police on Tuesday confiscated two tons of uranium that was being stored at a building in central La Paz located near the U.S. and Spanish embassies.

Four people, all of them Bolivian nationals, were arrested while they were transferring the uranium from one vehicle to another, Deputy Interior Minister Jorge Perez said.

The radioactive material was in sacks of jute and nylon, he said.

Since Bolivia does not produce uranium, Perez said, authorities assume the consignment originated in either of two neighboring countries that do: Brazil or Chile.

The commander of the elite police unit that carried out the operation, Col. Eddy Torrez, said the seizure was the fruit of a six-week investigation.

Police pounced when they learned the people in possession of the uranium planned to meet Tuesday with a potential buyer, the colonel said.

Perez said one of the people arrested is an engineer who told police he was holding the uranium for other people, but provided no information on the owners of the cache.


Anonymous said...

The stock photo used for the article shows a metal rod stamped ENRICHED but the article says they seized 2 tons of material in jute bags. This points to natural raw ore or yellow cake because stacking 2 tons of enriched U235 in cloth bags isn't done. This is Faux news after all they were the same idiots that thought there was a “Shibuyaeggman” NPP.

According to these two articles Bolivia has Uranium and they are looking to exploit it. The right wing Washington Times claims Bolivia may be secretly supplying Iran if true maybe someone diverted some of this.

I don't know the political leanings of this source but they claim Bolivia has confirmed plans to explore for Uranium. Once again maybe someone diverted some of this raw ore and got caught.

This article says they found rocks with traces of Uranium. May be it was a slow news day at FAUX News.

Anonymous said...

In French, "faux" means "false", "bogus" (see Google Translate for example).

Anonymous said...

In English FAUX means BS news reporting they are the gold standard of bogus.

Maju said...

To me the most intriguing issue would be that it is in such central area, not far from such important (typically imperialist) embassies. It does not look at all like destined to Iran for example. Now, if you tell me Colombia or Israel...

Anonymous said...

Now the Headline reads:

"Bolivians Express Doubt in Uranium Seizure"

Instead of

"Bolivian Police Seize 2 Tons of Uranium"

JAnonymous said...

Next title jumping on the Martian adventures bandwagon:

"Bolivian arrested trying to sell 2 Tons of Mars soil"

Of course, there is no such thing as 2T of martian soil on Earth atm.

Also, to anon up there, faux in french also means fake (especially when talking about counterfeit goods, arts,.... news?), which I think suits this outlet just well. We might fuse both french and english and go for fHOAuX news !

Anonymous said...

Even if this is the usual from FAUX NEWS, I bet there's probably a lot of smuggling stuff going on. We don't hear about the cases where they got away with it.

Anyway, I just saw this linked over at the Expat Cafe forums again, thought I'd link it here for anyone who's interested:

I like this line:
"Local officials are puzzled by the fact that the two contaminated fish were caught in waters far from the stricken Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant."

They should just write "Local officials are puzzled by facts."

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Anon above, thanks for the link. Senday Bay's contamination has not been well studied, and that's where the fish migrated north from. Miyagi Prefecture is worse than Fukushima when it comes to admitting to radiation contamination.

m a x l i said...

"The radioactive material was in sacks of jute."

Jute??? Now the Greens are fiddling together atomic bombs?

S.D said...

After declaring that authorities had arrested four men in connection with trafficking uranium in La Paz, Bolivian authorities are backing off the claim that the material found inside nylon bags may be the alleged radioactive material.


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing.
Fox News Channel always the Best

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