Monday, August 27, 2012

Japanese Government's Energy Policy (Reliance on Nuclear Power in 2030) May Go the "Fourth Way", Not Even Presented to the Citizens in Opinion Surveys

What a joke. Totally predictable but joke nonetheless.

Remember my post about nearly 90,000 public comments from the Japanese citizens and residents about the future energy policy of the Japanese government, where nearly 90% want "zero nuclear"? Also remember the so-called experts in big-name universities whose expertise is in polling and sampling stressing the "quality" over "quantity"? There were three choices that people could comment on: 0% reliance on nuclear power by 2030, 15% reliance, or 25% reliance.

Now, drum rolls please. Here comes your national government under Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda declaring that the government may opt for the "fourth way".

From FNN News (via Yahoo Japan, meaning the link won't last; 8/27/2012):


Regarding the 3 alternatives [presented in the national public comment solicitation] on the reliance on nuclear power, it has been revealed that the national government is considering a new alternative, without adopting any of the existing three alternatives.


The government has presented the three alternatives regarding the reliance on nuclear power in 2030: "zero", "15%", "20 to 25%". However, there have been those who question "Why 2030?" in the townhall meetings, focus group discussions, and public comments.


On receiving such opinions, the government may be considering not adopting any of the alternatives, but come up with a new plan to set different targets for different energy sources such as nuclear and renewable energy.


The government's Energy and Environment Committee is currently having the second meeting to analyze the public opinion survey, but the experts in the committee have expressed opinions including "[public opinions] lack deep consideration".

General public lacking "deep consideration". That's a new one from the arm-chair experts.

You think you've been playing football. And all of a sudden the game changes, literally, and now you find yourself playing ice hockey. Why, you ask? Because the government can. All it needs to do is to declare the game change.

According to some on Twitter, Prime Minister Noda, who appeared on an NHK news program on Monday night in Japan, said something to this extent: "The opinions expressed in the public comments are biased, and cannot be taken seriously. I would like to listen to the silent majority [who do not submit public comments]."

I remember the general sentiment in Japan when he became the prime minister last year succeeding highly unpopular Naoto Kan - "It can't go any worse, can it?"


Anonymous said...

DPJ is setting up a committee to revise energy policy, its chair is Seiji Maehara. The committee will not use 2030 as a target year (not clear what time frame they will use).
"The committee members acknowledged the difficulty of building new power plants, excluding those currently under construction" -- Jiji Press in English 24 Aug 22:41

Anonymous said...

Fukushima Daiichi contract workers lose 20 dosimeters on a day when the highest exposure among workers that returned their dosimeter was 0.72 mSv. Tepco admits supervision is insufficient.
Jiji Press in English 23 Aug 22:20

How about letting the workers who lost the dosimeters home for a year, as a precautionary health measure?


Anonymous said...

nearly 90% want NO nuclear bail out
save the nuclear or save the people
quantitative nuclear easing by restarting old reactors & creating new ones.
"fourth way." surprise cock-face, nuclear industry
owns the fourth estate.
check-mate checkers

Anonymous said...

Title: "Don't take the results of nuclear power surveys too seriously"
Excerpts and summarized highlights:
"the government should avoid having the results directly influence its energy policy"
"If nuclear plants were abolished in the nation" the result would be "higher unemployment and poverty"; ordinary citizens would bit hit hardest but they do not understand this would happen.
"the government must provide information to the citizens that helps them choose appropriate scenarios for the nation's future energy policy"
Source: From Yomiuri Shinbun, editorial 26 Aug. On line article appeared on 27th.

Nice article about the benefits of propaganda over democracy, good job Yomiuri.

Anonymous said...

I guess we should not be surprised. We are fighting a war against a most evil foe.

Pray for strength. Pray for our speedy victory. Keep fighting.

CaptD said...

PM Noda continues to put the entire Japanese economy at RISK of having yet one or more Fukushima's so that the Utility/Gangs can force nuclear energy upon the Japanese People!

History will show this are THE greatest blunder in Japanese history, as China and others grab up all the materials to go Green, leaving Japan and many other countries to suffer!

Remember Fukushima proved that Nature can destroy any land based nuclear reactor, any place anytime 24/7/365!

Good Luck Japan, the rest of US downwind urge you to demand better from your Leaders before it is too late for all of US...

Anonymous said...

So what's the 4th choice 100% nuclear? According to the World Nuclear Association Japan was counting on 50% nuclear power by 2030. (The WNA uses 2030 a lot too it must be a nuclear thing.

They also say, "A number of public opinion polls were taken in April and May 2011 following the Fukushima accident. Those in April showed around 50% supported the use of nuclear power at present or increased levels, but as the crisis dragged on the May polls showed a reduction in support to around 40% and a growth in opinion to over 40% of those wanting to decrease it. A steady 15% or so wanted it abolished."

It looks like time wounds all heals.

JAnonymous said...

I loved the comparison with football. The point is, we had not been playing football all along, but Calvinball.

And don't forget : ''In my opinion, we don’t devote nearly enough scientific research to finding a cure for jerks.'' --Calvin

Don't also forget that rumor has it, that Monju will raise from it's grave. They trying to do the same in France with Astrid (I liked the previous name better, superPhenix, no joke). Seen a few articles about how fusion is a clean energy source too (with no waste, seriously ?) on the BBC recently.
Sad little world.

Anonymous said...

@3:03 WNA fails to mention that part of the population believed that without npps there would be electricity shortages this Summer hence they thought that restarying some npps was a necessary evil.
The threat of electricity shortages proved to be an outright lie and maybe this is one reason support of npps sunk further.
Furthermore, main news outlets recently report a sharp increase of people who want to abandon nuclear power from 32.6 to 46.7 as a result of the public discussions organized by the government (i.e.: more information = more opposition). Source: Jiji Press Aug 22.
WNA lives in another planet, probably.

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show what a fucking sick joke Japan has become, no surprises i guess... blinkered greed driven decisions and maintain the status quo at all costs... only thing that might sway it is if there is another reactor meltdown in japan , or maybe another 3 more...

Anonymous said...

Apperently the risk of having an uprise in Japan versus the utterly corrupted politicians is still not high enough.
And the money from the Nuclear Village must be very nice, so TPTB just see how long they can strech this.
With such 'leaders' you do not need an enemy. Japan was already going down, but Fukushima is a hugh accelerator of this proces. I guess TPTB realize this too and want to cash some money before the party is over.
In 20 more or less years or so, Japan will be a country were old people are waiting to die. All the big companies will have moved by then all their factories to countries like China, Vietnam and Thailand.
Birth rate ( lowest in the world for many years ) will decline further, as many young Japanse will move to other countries for economic and radiation reasons ( who wants a kid with 3 arms ?) as the burden called Fukushima which will be still an ongoing accident with no end in sight.
There is no hope for Japan anymore. TPTB must realize this, there is no other way to explain their actions/decisions.

Anonymous said...

Who wants a kid with 3 arms? Give me a break. I'm sick of loose talk like this.

Anonymous said...

The general public lacks "deep considerations", huh? I think they meant "deep pockets". For money. Because that's the only thing those pricks care about.

This again highlights my understanding of humans. They can and will go to great lengths to distort reality in order to achieve what they want.

Anonymous said...

So, that's from TPTB. But I often heard japanese people debating make use of this "big stick" decisive argument : consider someone's opinion as "immature".
Reactionary, of course. But then, you get what you deserve.

m a x l i said...

Forth way? Not 2030? Deep consideration?

I almost foresee what it will be: 200% nuclear energy by 2020. I wouldn't be too surprised.

I suggest a fifth way: Show the current government the door! Build up a new government! (Any mix of random guys you pull from the street into office will make up a better government. Add in a few of those courageous women from Fukushima - and you will have an excellent government.) Show everyone who was part in corruption, forging documents, distorting science, large-style profiteering from nuclear power, propagandist denial of the dangers of nuclear power the door to their prison cell! Shut down the 2 operating nuclear power plants immediately! Never restart! Remove the people from radiation! Do not make the evacuees beggars, give them everything they need to start a new life in a new place! Give the sick every treatment and care they need! Stop bringing more radiation to the people! Stop incineration of radioactive debris or anything radioactive! Test every food, water, farmland... for radiation! Outlaw mixing of contaminated and non-contaminated food! Put all necessary resources into stabilising Fukushima I! Ask for international help! Stop hiding health, birth and death data in the Fukushima region, because by this secrecy you are helping no one (apart from a few criminals) and you are endangering more people!

Anonymous said...

@ anon at 10:51:

Maybe not three arms, but at times even worse.


Anonymous said...

Yes, change the rules and flip over the Monopoly board, that's what bullies and cry babies do. Of course all these politicians are liars, that is their job after all (and those know nothing university professors in the Pseudo Science departments). Democracy in Japan (and everywhere) is a total sham, set up that way from the start. The US lost its democracy decades ago, see the books by Deanna Spingola, The Ruling Elite (two volumes). What is interesting about Japan is how it is a pyramid of power, one layer of petty tyrants bureaucratizing over the layer below them. The people themselves are their own willing oppressors, and they do it with such glee. An elaborate bureaucratic system where people are programmed robots in their own self destruction. Beautiful!

“Bring us the living dead. People no one will miss.”

Anonymous said...

That looks like the Yamashita game plan ( avoiding sinking japan economy like Chernobyl did for Ukraine. I am surprised LaPrimavera you missed that article from the 26 august in Mainichi.

Anonymous said...

Oh it's you again, anon above. Stop that crap of a snide comment. Not appreciated by anyone but you.

Anonymous said...

I see your game plan, anon at 7:30PM. If the article is written here about Dr. Yamashita, you could come out and say "I'm surprised you missed the NISA's article about active faults..."

For what purpose I don't know.

Anonymous said...

@ anon at 8:20 & anon at 7:30
Hey guys relax! There is no agenda nor snide (lol!) in my post. I just remember that La Primavera does not like too much Yamashita-san for good reasons. My remark needs to be taken 1st degree as I am a basic/stupid person. The article was not translated by Mainichi the day after in the english edition. I would be happy to see it commented by La Primavera. That's all! No purpose! When you see that politicians are becoming doctors (cf Edano) and doctors (Yamashita-san) are becoming politicians/economists that speaks a lot about the current Fukushima situation.

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