Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Protests at 90+ Locations in 44 Prefectures Throughout Japan Today (August 31, 2012)

This tweet says "92 protests in 44 prefectures throughout Japan", with the link to a site that lists them all. Most will likely be small, but who cares.

I took a look at IWJ's Aomori1 channel. A middle-aged man is making a speech on a street corner. People keep passing by. There are a few others who are with him. So? I'm watching. So are 34 others somewhere in the world.

Yasumi Iwakami's IWJ staff/volunteers will be at many of these locations to netcast live. If they are not there, someone else will use his/her smartphone and do it, I'm sure.

From IWJ's website (original is in Japanese):

▲▽▲▽ Protest at PM Official Residence, Friday August 31, 2012 ▽▲▽▲
6PM〜 8.31 Urgent! Stop Ooi Nuke Plant! Protest at PM Official Residence
CH5 1st Stage CH6 2nd Stage CH7 in front of the DPJ HQ

CH8 6PM Protest at US Embassy ▼CH8 7PM Protest at the backside of PM Official Residence  ▼CH8 8PM Protest in front of LDP HQ  ▼CH9 5PM Save Children from nuclear war! Protest over Fukushima children evacuation lawsuit in front of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance ▼CH9 6:30PM No! to "Nuclear Village" appointment! Minister Hosono should abandon the appointment!  ▼CH5CH6 8:15PM 8・31No! to "Nuclear Village" appointment! Human chain in front of the soon-to-be Nuclear Regulatory Commission  ▼Aomori1 5PM Friday action in front of Aomori Station  ▼Iwate1 6:15PM Beyond Nuclear Friday Demonstration in Morioka  ▼Fukushima1 6PM Follow the Friday Protest in Tokyo! No Nuclear Friday in Koriyama  ▼Ibaraki1 6PM 5th Protest in front of Japan Atomic Power Co. Ibaraki Office  ▼Gunma1 6:30PM Friday Protest against nuke plant restart at Takasaki Station West Exit ▼Saitama1 6PM Citizens' parade for zero nuke  ▼Chiba1 5:30PM 2nd demonstration in Sodegaura City for decommissioning all nuke plants ▼Ishikawa1 6:30PM No Nuke Protest No.9  ▼Gifu1 6PM Beyond nuclear Gifu citizens  ▼Aichi1 6PM Stop Ooi Nuke Plant immediately! Protest in front of KEPCO Tokai Branch  ▼Osaka1 6:30PM August 31 anti-nuke protest @KEPCO HQ  ▼Hyogo1 6PM Occypy in the Blue Moon 8.31 @KEPCO Kobe Branch

Oh yes, Friday's full moon is a blue moon.


Anonymous said...

Underground cesium near Fukushima reactors increases the deeper samples get — Other locations tested are much different, with higher radioactivity on top

Anonymous said...

truly inspiring to see this Friday afternoon unhappy hour expanding across Japan. Keep up the pressure on Noda and his band of criminals!

Anonymous said...

The time is now to stop all nuclear power in Japan. All the reactors along the east coast almost melted down due to losing pumps that cool the backup generators. That would have been the end of Japan as you know it. Many in Japan still do not "Get It". You need a peaceful revolution one light switch at a time. You can protest by saving energy, making the nukes absolutely not needed. Buy solar panels and put them on your roof. It will be called the "Energy Revolution". It is really the end of Japan after more meltdowns. So get out of that chair and get out there and do something to end all nukes and save Japan. I am talking to you. Get your friends to join you. Start now! I am with you.

Anonymous said...

Right now the protests are the only thing bringing change. This is the Japanese people's only chance to drive their will.

They've lost control of the news, they've lost control of the truth, they've lost control of their rights; housing and health care and the quality of the food.

The only way to get it back is massive protest of the highest order.

Anonymous said...

Massive protests, solar panels, energy efficiency, wind power. This is all needed now to save Japan. It really will be the end of Japan if you stay with nuclear power. The whole east coast almost melted down which would have made most of Japan radioactive. NOW LISTEN! WAKE UP! SHUT THEM ALL DOWN! THIS MEANS YOU!

Anonymous said...

Wind power doesn't work, many people are complaining about the issues involved. It's expensive, doesn't generate enough power, screws with people's ears and heart, forces nearby population to move away, etc. I don't remember the exact details, but look it up.

Solar power isn't working because the electricity companies don't like people taking advantage of it. They make everyone jump through ridiculous hoops, and even refuse to hand over the money owed to them for generated power. There are many articles and complaints about this happening, and I'm also experiencing it first hand as well.

Massive protests are a joke because even a billion passive people can't do anything against a pompous politician with armed guards.

The core problems are human stupidity, selfishness, greed and ignorance. Until those are solved, nothing is truly going to change. We're doomed to the same cycle of infinite failure.

Anonymous said...

"Massive protests are a joke..."

Really? That's why Noda brought out the police and blocked people into the subways, right?

That's why he's backpedaled on trying to open all the powerplants, right?

I'll tell you what is a joke. What is a joke is the pitiful lies the nuclear industry tells. The methods they are using to try to control a monster that cannot be controlled.

The people can see it. They can feel it. They feel it in their wallets, they feel it in their health, they feel it in their hope for the future of Japan.

There is no hope for Japan until the monster is turned off. There is no hope for America until the monster is turned off.

And the monster won't be turned off until the monster's handlers admit to themselves their errors and give up or are removed and prosecuted.

People protesting in the streets is the surest sign this will happen. People may start out passive, but if they are making the effort and taking the risk to show up, it means they are serious about demanding change, and if change doesn't happen, then they will no longer be passive.


Anonymous said...

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