Thursday, November 12, 2009

ACORN Sues Congress on Constitutional Ground

no, it is not a joke.

ACORN Sues Over 'Unconstitutional' Funding Cuts By Congress
(Joseph Abrams, 11/12/09 Fox News)

"In an attempt to regain the millions in funding it lost in the wake of a hidden-camera scandal, ACORN is suing the federal government over congressional legislation that cut off funding to the community organizing group.

"Representatives for ACORN sued the federal government Thursday morning in an attempt to regain the millions of dollars in funding the community organizing group lost after filmmakers videotaped its workers offering advice on how to commit tax fraud and various other felonies.

"The suit charges Congress with violating the Constitution when it passed legislation in September that specifically targeted ACORN to lose federal housing, education and transportation funds.

"That qualifies the legislation as bills of attainder, according to the Center for Constitutional Rights, which filed the suit on behalf of ACORN. A bill of attainder punishes a person or group without the benefit of a trial, and is illegal under Article 1 of the Constitution."

This is hilarious. It's great that ACORN is now on board defending the Constitution (as long as it suits them, maybe). Was it constitutional, by the way, for Congress to have kept funding ACORN all these years? The last I read about "bills of attainder" was when I was reading about Richard III and Henry VII.

The article continues:

"The lawsuit itself singles out three defendants -- Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner; Director of the Office of Management and the Budget Peter Orszag, and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan.

"The three were responsible for facilitating the defunding of ACORN by Congress, according to attorneys for the Center for Constitutional Rights.

"ACORN claims it has been badly hurt by the congressional actions, and has had to fire workers and close some of its 1,200 branches around the country.

"Though it remains unclear precisely how much money the national organization was receiving from federal sources and aid programs, a lawyer pressing the suit said ACORN has already lost an amount "in the millions" since the freeze took effect."

And we don't even know how much money ACORN has been receiving.


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