Thursday, November 12, 2009

President Bush's Speaking Engagement in Japan

for $150,000 and cheerleaders with pom-pom

Waseda University's students gathered to hear President Bush remimisce about his days, not as the president of the U.S. but as a baseball franchise owner. Huh? (And the university paid $150,000 for that?)

In Tokyo, Bush reminisces about baseball days (11/4/09 AP via Washington Post)

"TOKYO -- Exactly a year after Barack Obama was voted to replace him as president, George W. Bush was in Japan on Wednesday talking about his former life - in sports.

"Bush, a former part-owner of the Texas Rangers baseball team, offered no assessment of choices facing his successor on Afghanistan, climate change or the economy.

"Instead, he dished out advice to Japanese university students about running a sports franchise."

A Japanese corporation once paid $2 million to have Ronald Reagan come and speak for 20 minutes. Compared to that, $150,000 may be peanuts for Japanese.


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