Saturday, November 14, 2009

Japan's First Reported Death after H1N1 Vaccination

A man in his 70s died in Toyama Prefecture in Japan one day after getting the H1N1 flu vaccine. Authorities deny there's any correlation, saying the man had pre-existing medical conditions.

Hmmm. Excuse me, but the whole point of getting the vaccine, according to the government, was to protect vulnerable people like him who had pre-existing medical conditions, wasn't it? Instead of protecting people like him, the vaccine may instead have triggered acute adverse reaction that killed the man.

According to Kitanippon Shinbun (the original is in Japanese, published on 11/14/09), the man had had pulmonary emphysema. He received the vaccine on November 11. He didn't show any sign of adverse effect from the vaccine on that day, but the next evening his family found him dead. The autopsy revealed that he had suffered from acute respiratory failure.

Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare is insisting it has nothing to do with the vaccine. Right.

The vaccine he received was manufactured in Japan by a Japanese company.

Unlike Americans, Japanese people seem to believe just about everything they are told about H1N1 by their government, and are eagerly rolling up their sleeves to get the flu vaccine with mercury (among other things, and yes, even the Japanese-made vaccine contains mercury) in it - pregnant women, babies, toddlers, school kids, all the way up to seniors like this man who died right after he got the shot, and they seem to be very grateful they got the shot.

After all these years, almost blind trust for the government still exists in that nation of the rising sun. I'd rather join Serbians and chew on a raw garlic.


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