Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Will Grigg: Toxic Injection at Gunpoint

This isn't right.

Toxic Injection at Gunpoint (Will Grigg, 11/11/09 LRC Blog)

"An inmate of the Wheeling, West Virginia Middle School had second thoughts about enduring a government-issue toxic injection. After he fled the gymnasium, the child was tracked down by a “resource officer” — that is, a prison guard — and coaxed back to the shot station. But it took two tax-fed heroes to pin down the resistant child in order for the injection to take place.

"“He tried to run,” recalled Howard Gamble, Administrator of the Wheeling-Ohio County Health Board. “I looked over and saw two Sheriff’s deputies holding him down.” The sight of a terrified child being restrained by two armed full-grown “men” didn’t disturb Gamble’s servile serenity.

"“For the most part they go easy,” he commented during a November 10 Health Board meeting. “As far as the shots, every once in a while you have to hold down one or two — but that’s why mom is there or dad is there.”

"Of course, he didn’t mean to suggest that parents are there to defend their children from such assaults; rather, he meant that it’s useful to have a parent handy to coax his child into submitting to a government-mandated violation of his bodily integrity.

"The mother of the brutalized child described above actually fled the scene rather than witnessing the abuse — or doing anything to stop it."

Parents, DEFEND YOUR CHILDREN. Don't run away like this mother did.

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Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. Our government gives women the right to choose an abortion but no one is allowed to choose what goes into their body? What a bunch of double talk.

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