Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill: Obama Says It's His 9/11

and not his Katrina. That's bad news for us.

Drudge Report's headlines are often priceless. I had to screen capture this one, past midnight on June 15.
As Louisiana governor finally stops waiting for BP or the federal government and takes the matter in his own hands, Obama visits the Gulf region, enjoys a snowcone on a white-sand beach. Come on down and have fun, people!

(I wonder how many workers it took to pretty up the beach for the presidential visit. Oh I get it. He is stimulating a job growth in the region.)

But Mr. President, the bright sandy beaches are not so much of of an issue. It is under the ocean surface. The real problem is under the ocean floor, for that matter. It sure made a nice photo op though, that sandy beach with beach umbrellas. I bet the food was excellent, too.

This segment is placed in the center column, right below the Drudge Report banner. Above the banner, a headline screams in capital letter "OBAMA SAYS: IT IS LIKE 911" which links to the article on Daily Mail UK.

9/11 enabled his predecessor to wage wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which Obama continues, and to hoist Patriot Act on us which Obama has expanded. Now he is declaring this oil spill as his "9/11". (So BP is Al Qaeda?)

Never waste a crisis. If there is no crisis, make one, so that you can push the agendas that would never see the light of day under the normal circumstance. For having done almost nothing except for looking and talking tough for nearly two months amid two vacations, parties, and rounds of golf, he sure has created a greater crisis and disaster than what might have been.

I'm not particularly holding my breath to see what kind of agendas will be forced on us as the result of this Obama's 9/11.


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