Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh Lookie, Cap and Trade Is Back!

Look what's being resurrected from the dead, thanks to the Gulf oil spill debacle: Crap and Trap, aka Cap and Trade. Even Al Gore is back in the spotlight!

Have you seen the movie "Groundhog Day"?

Senators Lieberman and Kerry excoriate us the non-believers in Crap and Trap that if we are unwilling to shell out less than a dollar a day every single day for the rest of our lives to save the planet (and developing nations in particular) from the good old man-made global warming, we are bad, we are selfish, we are demagogues. Probably we are terrorists, too, in their eyes, if we dare insist on using oil and gas.

The "less than a dollar a day" figure comes from the EPA, an executive-branch agency (i.e. Obama's tool). That's on top of the added tax per family of over $2000 per year (calculated by none other than the Obama administration).

This is right back to one year ago, when Obama and his underlings kept pushing for agenda after agenda after agenda. No wonder the stock market is rising again, just like last year. It will keep rising for another 12 months, for sure. It was exactly one year ago that the House passed the climate bill.

(Here's the link to this blog's June 2009 archive. There I was, blogging about carbon emission allowance as new bubble. Just look through the headlines. Hardly anything has changed. Cap and trade, financial reform bill, fear of hyperinflation, ECB pouring $600 billion to prop up money market funds... This is indeed "Groundhog Day"...)

Just like Goldman Sachs gives thumbs up for the financial "reform" bill, the cap and trade climate bill is supported by three oil majors. That alone would tell you that they are the ones who will profit handsomely at the expense of, as usual, taxpayers. And also remember the nice joint venture by Goldman Sachs and Al Gore on carbon trading exchange.

There is a name for the type of government run by technocrats in bed with large corporate interests. It starts with "f".


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