Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Obama-BP Meeting Went Overtime, Without Obama

After the speech from the Oval Office yesterday which had been much hyped by the administration and which fell flat on just about anyone, Obama met with BP officials at the White House.

For how long? It was scheduled to be 20 minutes.

20 minutes.

According to media reports, the meeting went overtime by several hours, but the "I'm in charge, I'm responsible" president had long left the meeting.

Left after 20 minutes?

No one knows.

This is the Presidential schedule for the day, courtesy of CBS.

10:15AM: President Obama and Vice President Biden attend a meeting with BP executives

10:35AM: President Obama and Vice President Biden receive the Presidential Daily Briefing

11:05AM: President Obama and Vice President Biden receive the Economic Daily Briefing

12:15PM: President Obama delivers a statement to the press

12:30PM: President Obama and Vice President Biden have lunch

1:45PM: President Obama meets with senior advisers

2:30PM: President Obama meets with Senator Scott Brown

5:35PM: President Obama delivers remarks at the American Nurses Association House of Delegates

(Meeting with Scott Brown? That's interesting.)

(He and VP Biden have lunch together almost every day.)

(What a light-weight schedule, but on other days it is even lighter. Wonder what the schedule of George Bush was like.)


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