Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obama to Appoint Oil Czar

Finally, a new Czar!! (What took him so long?)

Business Insider reports that Obama's solution to the Gulf oil spill is to name his 'Oil Czar':

Oh Boy: Obama's Solution Is To Name An "Oil Czar" (6/15/2010 Business Insider)

"Obama will name an Oil Czar tonight in his live televized address (via Hot Air).

"We have no idea who it will be, but Press Secretary Robert Gibbs assures us it will be "somebody that will be in charge of a recovery plan, putting a recovery plan together.... when we get past the cleanup and response phase of the disaster."

"The Oil Czar will join the ranks of nearly 30 others czars in Obama's increasingly technocratic regime."

Technocratic? Maybe, except Obama's Czars don't seem that knowledgeable in their supposed expertise.

More and more, his regime resembles that of the czarist Russia, where dissent is not allowed by a thin-skinned despot.

The Hot Air article linked by Business Insider has an interesting remark about Obama's Czars:

"...the appointment of a “czar” is another way to outsource leadership. ...The insertion of a “czar” with an even broader mandate will not clarify the chain of command and the mission — it will make both more ambiguous and more difficult."

Ah, but at least I can now update my Obama's Czars list for the first time in a very long time...

(How many czars are needed to change a lightbulb at the White House?)


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