Monday, October 4, 2010

Climategate Update: Chicago Climate Exchange Flatlining

Ah, some poetic justice meted out by a free market...

Anthony Watts at Watts With That blog posts:

Chicago Climate Exchange still flatlining – employee cuts
(8/13/2010 Watts With That)

From the “unsustainable business” department, who wants carbon at 10 cents a ton? Apparently, nobody. Data below as of August 8 2010:


From Reuters, news of layoffs. At least their carbon footprint will be lower…

ICE cuts staff at Chicago Climate Exchange-sources

* ICE to cut around half of 50-person CCX workforce

* 1st round of layoffs began July 23, more to come in autumn

* Sources cite U.S. climate inaction as main reason for cuts

* ICE collecting feedback on what to do with climate bourse

[The entire post at the link above.]

Oh BTW, "global COOLING" is what Bilderbergers were apparently concerned about, not "global warming". Wonder why the food futures have been going up? Wonder why the super rich are reported to be buying gold by the ton?

And Algore is still peddling global warming, and so is this despicable organization called (warming: the link goes to their graphic promo video where they blow up children to reduce carbon footprint).


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