Thursday, October 7, 2010

HR 3808 - Barry at the White House Wants to Hear from You

From Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge:

"Bill H.R. 3808, the Interstate Recognition of Notarizations Act of 2010, which was discussed yesterday, and which according to both Reuters and the NYT may have a material impact on mitigating the impact of the High Freq Signing scandal, at least on the servicers, is now open for public comments at the white house.

"Those wishing to tell the president how they feel, may do so at the following link:

"We are confident the White House will promptly disclose all the "well-mannered" comments advising the administration on all sorts of anatomically impossible acts it should engage in should Obama sign off on this."

For more on HR 3808, here's the post from yesterday.

If you don't care about privacy, 4th Amendment, and danger of being tracked by the White House that wants to read ALL of your communications, feel free to go to the link and comment.


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