Sunday, October 3, 2010

What's With This "Terror" Threat in Europe?

The US State Department and the UK Foreign Office warn of "terrorist" attacks similar to the 2008 Mumbay attack in France and Germany, with the Foreign Office saying "an attack is highly likely".

News of this "terror" threat came out of nowhere about two weeks ago.

According to ABC News exclusive, targets have already been selected with the help of Al-Qaeda in Pakistan.

Doesn't it make you wonder... "Really?"

WHO really selected the targets, anyway?

Al-Qaeda in Pakistan? Oh how convenient... So that's why the US have been bombing Pakistan, a US ally, ever since Obama became the president of the US?

If the authorities know that much, why don't they arrest them, instead of issuing warning to the public that there may be terrorist attacks in France or Germany or both, and the attacks are highly likely?

Or do they want the attacks to happen?

"Wag the dog" big time for....?

November election in the US?

Proposed severe budget cut in the UK?

Scaring the uppity citizens in Europe and the US who have started to defy the governments?

Is this basically the same operation that FBI has been doing (FBI informants encouraging so-called "terrorists" to take action, like this one), only on an international scale?

Ooops... CIA may have done something like that already, in Mumbay...


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