Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gary North: Ellen Brown Is Cheerleader for Hitler's Economics

See for yourselves, Tea Partiers. (Better stick to von Mises, Bastiat, Hayek, and Rothbard.)

Ellen Brown: Hitler's Cheerleader (Gary North, Gary North's Specific Answers)

"Ellen Brown is a lawyer by profession, a Greenbacker by confession, and a fan of Adolph Hitler's economics by consistency.

"She is quite open about her support for National Socialism's economics, as I shall demonstrate. What is depressing is this: she is getting a respectful hearing in Tea Party circles. Her book, The Web of Debt (2006), is widely cited on the World Wide Web. As of early October, 2010, a Google search for "Ellen Brown" and "Web of Debt" generated close to 600,000 hits. This is huge.

"Here is a tactical problem. For two generations, conservatives have been shouted down by the Left with this accusation: "Fascist!" Ellen Brown is now making this accusation plausible. Yet the great irony is this: Ellen Brown is a Leftist. There is nothing even remotely free market or conservative about The Web of Debt. It is a call for a Federally funded welfare state. She praises the New Deal. She praises John Maynard Keynes. She has only one objection to their recommended programs: governments borrowed money to fund them. She wants a welfare state that is funded entirely by paper money printed by Congress. She is about as conservative as Nancy Pelosi.

"How could her ideas be getting a hearing in Tea Party circles? It's a long story. Let me summarize it." [The article continues at the link above.]

I read several of Ellen Brown's articles at her website in the past. In every single one of them something didn't add up, and I kept scratching my head trying to figure out what was wrong with her argument. Now Gary North is taking it apart for me. He even has a section on his website dedicated to this task (it's in the free section):

... Ellen Brown is the latest in a long line of pro-fiat money, anti-gold currency, monetary statists who have infiltrated the conservative movement.

They have accomplished this for over 50 years by the tactic of wrapping themselves in a flag of opposition to the Federal Reserve System. I call them false-flag infiltrators.

... False-flag infiltrators are remnants of a left-wing American political movement of the late 19th century: the Greenbackers, named after the green currency issued by the North during the Civil War.

Gary North seems to be having fun. And apparently Max Keiser challenged him to appear on his show.


Anonymous said...

Pennsylvania Scrip. Enough said. I suppose if you found that Hitler took a crap once in a while that you should remain forever constipated. Whether Gary North is right or not he comes off as a vicious thug. BTW the Tea Party doesn't get it, it was the crap British money forced on us that created the economic misery. Here's a nice article:

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

North may have used the inflammatory language, but this Ellen Brown lady doesn't make sense to me. She contradicts her own statement within the same paragraph, even the same sentence. Besides, what good is it to substitute Ben Bernank with Turbo Timmy in printing fiat money? What difference does it make?

What Kucinich is proposing in his bill sounds awfully like Germany under Hitler - providing able-bodied workers some worthy infra jobs with Timmy (or whoever his successor is) printing money to cover the cost.

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