Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Food "Safety" Bill (S.510) Easily Passed Senate

Thank you, Monsanto, for looking after us.

By the vote 73 to 25, the Senate passed a food "safety" bill that will give the FDA a huge power and create another immense chunk of federal bureaucracy to be paid somehow by the taxpayers, again.

It is about food "safety", just as the health care "reform" bill was about "reform" and the financial "reform" bill was about "reform".

Big Ag Business and the federal government 1, the rest of us 0.

I am one of the minority who believes it is none of the government's business what we eat, what we grow, whom we choose to buy from. For more of the minority view, see here.

The apologists for the bill argued that the amendments would pass that would alleviate the burdens on small farms. Well, guess what? They all failed, except one; the only amendment that passed was the amendment that would exempt small operations from having to file a food safety plan. (Is this a Soviet Union or what?)

Now the federal government's hold on our lives are nearly complete. Our financial lives are regulated, our health is regulated, now our food is regulated. What's left? Maybe the air that we breathe and CO2 that we breathe out, by passing the climate bill.

At what point does it become utterly pointless to try to fight?


Anonymous said...

BOYCOTT26.org - Global Non Compliance.

Wes said...

"Let them eat cake!"

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