Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Xtranormal Technology Inc. - Brilliant, Just Brilliant

Many of you may already have seen the animation video of two animal characters discussing Ben "Bernank" and QE2. Here's another one I saw at Zero Hedge, explaining the "Buy the dip" scheme that has been made possible by Ben's QE2 and NY Fed's POMO. (Caution: foul language. Definitely not PG-13)

What's causing this almost sudden burst of 3D-animation vids on topics ranging from TSA groping, QE2, stock market, and the Federal Reserve? It's because there's a platform now for just about anyone to use to create a video. You just have to know how to type, and points that you want to make.

Pick a character (or two). Type in the dialog. Click a button to generate a video. Upload, share it with the world.

The company behind this brilliant, enabling, game-changing technology is Xtranormal Technology Inc., a privately-held company based in Montreal, Canada.

(I want to work for this company. Hire me, and I can help you expand in Asia! Just give me the founder stocks...)


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