Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ulsterman Report: White House Insider "Media Elected Obama"

..not the American people (in case you haven't figured that out).

The latest from Ulsterman's White House Insider series tells us how the (mainstream) media went out of their way to shield and protect the Candidate Obama, and to make sure John McCain would be selected as the Republican candidate. The Obama camp didn't want Romney, because "Romney came off polished, confident..." and too much like Obama.

About selling the "Obama" brand to gullible American voters (boy they were duped..):

The threats to Obama [that resulted in Obama getting Secret Service protection] were a creation by Plouffe [David Plouffe, Obama's chief campaign manager for 2008 election], and the campaign was very proud of itself over that one. It put all the other candidates into a corner. It guilted the voters – or a lot of them anyways. Enough of them to make a big difference. It made Barack Obama the legacy candidate – the guy who could be the first Black president – if some crazy racists didn’t go and try and harm him first.

The best campaigns often are the most simple. Americans get simple. We –expletive- thrive on simple, right? And I’m here to tell you, as a candidate, I don’t know many more who have been more simple than Barack Obama. Hope – Change – and don’t forget I’m the nice Black guy. That was about it – and it worked. Man did it work.

About McCain:
Toward the end of…2008, no – 2007, McCain’s campaign was in the –expletive- toilet, right? And Romney was shaping up to be the frontrunner going into 2008. That had the higher ups in the Obama camp very concerned. If we got by Hillary, then the only guy who might challenge us money-wise would be Romney. He had some bucks, he had inroads with the large donor Republicans. The contradiction between him and Obama was not stark enough. Romney was by far the bigger threat – much more so than McCain…

...well like I was saying, go back to the last months of 2007. McCain is barely hanging on. He’s got no money, staff are leaving him. The guy is in big trouble. Normally the media would be writing the guy off, right? They would be piling on him left and right - or simply ignoring him altogether. But they didn’t do that, did they?

...I was told that very specific pro-McCain stories were being given to various media figures, emphasizing McCain as this guy who wasn’t giving up – the underdog candidate going against the big money machine of Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani.

Well they were all over the media for about a month or two heading into New Hampshire. Right? Look at how tough John McCain is; he never gives up, etc. Those stories, at least the idea of them, originated from the Barack Obama campaign. We were the ones who pushed the media to report them.

About how Obama was able to survive the Reverend Wright story (remember him?):
That whole cluster-expletive- church that Obama went to for what…30 years? No – 20 years? What other candidate gets away with a story like that in a primary race? There was no “ he said she said” crap with that story – everyone could hear and see what that guy was saying! Here is this pastor of this church who is screaming down America, a guy who Obama calls his spiritual guide or mentor or whatever, who rips on America after 9-11…I mean how in hell does a candidate survive that? It just doesn’t happen. No way. Impossible, right? Obama was done. It was over. He finally got burned on something. You just don’t recover from something like that. That’s what we all thought. Oh –expletive- it’s –expletive- over. A distant second on the concern scale for the campaign was Palin. That one spooked us a bit – but not like the Wright fiasco. We really thought it was over right there – but Obama survived it. Not because of him, or the campaign, but because the media provided cover through the whole thing. In the end, the media said it was not a story, and pushed Obama to the finish line. No way a candidate should have survived that. No -expletive- way.
Stay tuned for the second part at Ulsterman's site.


Munsterwoman said...

Ulsterman is a fraud. He's made up multiple people for his 'news' stories.

See http://ulster-man.blogspot.com/

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Yes, I see your points. But at the same time, what is "editorial oversight" these days, when the editor of a major magazine like The Nation let through the smear campaign on a TSA critic without any factual basis? What oversight? And where is the proof that he made up the whole story?

If he made up the whole story, it's a pretty good story, I should say, consistent with what others have been saying.

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