Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nancy, Harry, and Barry Full Steam Ahead in Lame-Duck Congress

and the world becomes crazier by the day.

When the election result came in and confirmed the massive defeat for the Democrats, many people thought the Democratic leaders and the Obama White House would move to a more moderate position and collaborate with Republicans.

I didn't think so at all. Instead, I thought Nancy and Harry and Barry would go full-steam ahead with their progressive, ultra-left and statist agendas during the so-called "lame-duck" session.

Sure enough. Right after the election, Barry ordered Janet to go ahead and sexually molest airline passengers in the name of national security. (Now TSA is doing the same at Grayhound Bus Stations, supposedly as a test.)

Then, the cyber "security" bill passed the Senate committee with bipartisan support that will give the Department of Homeland Security an incredible, tremendous power over the Internet.

Then they passed the food "safety" bill that will be implemented by the inept FDA and supported by Obama's food czar, a former Monsanto exec. Expect more food poisoning, and sharply increased food cost. If you take supplements and vitamins to protect and improve your health, hoard them now.

Now, it's Harry's turn. He has introduced 4 different version of the immigration "reform" bill, the DREAM Act, and they are going to be voted on, without any committee hearing.

As if we need any more stimulation, Ben at the Fed is bombarding the financial markets with several billion dollars almost every single day while dumping the raw data of 2007-2010 bailout of the financial firms.

Speaking of dump, WikiLeaks dumped the diplomatic cables of the US government, and indicating the next target to be a big US bank (everyone thinks it's Bank of America, who already hired a "legal swat team") its founder Julian Assange has become the target of assassination.

All I wanted was a quiet, uneventful, peaceful holiday season.

But you can always count on Barry to ... go on another vacation! I hear that he and his family are going to Hawaii. Probably staying at the same vacation rental that rents for several thousand dollars a night, enough to make a mortgage payment in California, and probably several months of payment in many other states.

(Oh wait, Barry is willing to delay the vacation until Christmas Eve to negotiate a tax cut deal with Republicans. Oh what a noble sacrifice by the nation's multi-millionaire president!)


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