Monday, January 31, 2011

Egypt Is Going Completely Blank As the Last ISP Gets Disconnected

In preparation by the Mubarak government (which happens to enjoy very strong support from Israel) for Tuesday's "Million Man March", no doubt.

From ars technica (last updated 5 hours ago):

On Friday we reported that almost all Egyptian Internet connectivity had been cut off. Routes to the company's major ISPs had been dropped from global routing tables, leaving no way to send traffic to the country. At the time, one ISP, Noor Group, remained connected.

Now even that connection has gone offline. As of a few hours ago, routes to the ISP started disappearing, and customer sites are now unavailable. These include the Egyptian Stock Exchange and I-Score, the country's credit rating bureau.

And in the comment section, I found this info:

Have been watching Al Jazeera English News and just heard that Egypt also shutdown it's public transit network of trains and buses. They are really going all out now in an attempt to limit the number of people at todays "Million Man March" as they are calling it.

The Egyptian Army has released the statement that it will not confront the demonstrators:

"To the great people of Egypt, your armed forces, acknowledging the legitimate rights of the people [stress that] they have not and will not use force against the Egyptian people," the military said in a statement.


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