Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CNN's Anderson Cooper Attacked by Pro-Mubarak Mob

Well, you wouldn't know that particular mob was "pro-Mubarak" (aka Egyptian government employees) just by reading the headline at Drudge Report. (Mr. Drudge, stop trying.)

From The Hollywood Reporter [emphasis is mine]:

Anderson Cooper was attacked in Egypt Wednesday.

CNN producer Steve Brusk Tweeted, "Anderson said he was punched 10 times in the head as pro-Mubarak mob surrounded him and his crew trying to cover demonstration."

Cooper then escaped to the roof of a nearby building, where he said on air that he and his crew were trying to get to a neutral zone between protestors and pro-Mubarak supporters when they "were set upon by pro-Mubarak supporters punching us in the head. The crowd kept growing, kept throwing punches, kicks...suddenly a young man would look at you and punch you in the face."

Mubarak gives the protesters a choice between him and chaos, and immediately unleashes chaos by unleashing his thugs on the street, counting on the Western media including alternative media site like Drudge to report it as if his thugs and the protesters were one and the same, violent, lawless Muslims. And only he and his minions in his government can bring order and stability!

Will he succeed?

Mubarak's announcement that he would not seek re-election in September and his unleashing of his thugs into the protesters followed the telephone conversations with Barack Obama, the president of the US.

Gutlessness of the West, particularly of Washington, is what Robert Fisk said in his yesterday's essay. I cannot agree more, and "gutlessness" is too soft a word. Looking at what's been happening since the announcement, the West, particularly Washington, is Mubarak's co-conspirator.


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