Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tahrir Square Turned Deadly Thanks to Mubarak Thugs

Mubarak's thugs ("supporters") are paid $17 a day. Camels and horses they rode into the peaceful anti-Mubarak protesters were rented from the tour agencies I hear, and they clearly have a truckload supply of Molotov cocktails to throw at men, women, and children in the square.

4 out of 10 Egyptians were earning less than $2 a day last year.

Anti-Mubarak protesters are pushing back.

The Army is standing by, doing nothing to protect the protesters except when they hear gun fires. After all, Mubarak has been their benefactor, securing billions of dollars of US military aid.

You can hear heavy gun fires in Al Jazeera's live feed.

And where is Barack the Gutless? His departing mouthpiece at least said this:

Gibbs repeatedly reinforced what Obama had said the night before: a transition to a new government, without Mubarak as its head, must begin now.

"Now means now," Gibbs said, as live images of firebombs raining from rooftops and ambulances screaming across Cairo were broadcast around the world.

... Before he spoke out on Tuesday evening, the president also had what Gibbs called a "direct and frank" but private — talk with Mubarak.

Well, after that talk, Mubarak unleashed his thugs to create chaos. Good job, Barack.

Now, who gave orders to Mubarak?

Or is he a "lone nut"?


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