Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What Is Mubarak Thinking?

He had his thugs fire-bomb the national museum.

His thugs are fire-bombing the anti-Mubarak protesters and throwing bricks from above onto women and children, after blocking the exits from Tahrir Square.

The Internet traffic is back into Egypt. People around the world are watching and reading and listening, and know who's doing what.

What is he thinking?

Does he think that sending his thugs to kill and injure the protesters and having it reported outside Egypt somehow enhances his standing?

Clearly he's seeing a great deal of benefit from what he's been doing since his speech; otherwise this is the stupidest antic by any dictator, though I've seen it before. (Romania, anyone?)

Suppose it IS enhancing his standing. Among whom?

Ah that's the question. He could care less about his standing among Egyptians, which at this point is nil, null, zero, ling (except among his thugs).

But Mubarak had better recall how the Romanian leader and his wife ended up.

Or, going back further, how Louis Capet and 'Toinette ended up.

And where is Barack?


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