Friday, February 18, 2011

Obama Sides with Public Unions (Nothing New), Mobilizes His Political Machine to Crush Wisconsin Bill

Hasn't this guy been saying education is the top priority of his admin, or something close to it? Over and over again?

So what does he do? He goes full in on Wisconsin's anti-union (or so dubbed by MSMs) law, unleashing his community organizing apparatus, Organizing for America, so that teachers will call in sick and/or take a union-provided bus to participate in demonstrations instead of educating kids in schools.

Public school teachers are skipping schools and waving signs like "Silencing Teachers Hurts Kids". What the hell does that mean? If the teachers union cannot negotiate the pay increase above the inflation rate and they have to pay more for their pension and health care premiums, more in line with the private sector workers (who are lucky enough to have such benefits), and if in exchange they have no furloughs and layoffs, that hurts kids? How?

Kids are hurting alright, I can tell when I read the comment like this from a University of Wisconsin sophomore activist Max Love:

“The quality of our institutions would suffer if this bill passes,” Love said. “This is a student cause, and we’re seeing a lot of people who really care about this issue.”

The quality of the institutions suffer from students like him, who blindly recites the party line (anything to do with education, other than increasing teachers and teachers' pay, is bad), to whom protecting the collective bargaining power of the teachers union morphs into "a student cause".

In coordination with the National Democratic Party and public unions, Obama's organization, Organizing for America, has been working the phones and sending out messages via Internet social sites to bring public school teachers of the state to demonstrate against the governor's budget plan. It clearly coordinates with left-leaning alternative media sites on the Internet to identify the demonstrations with those in north Africa and Middle East, two of which has toppled the existing despotic regimes.

For the snippets of MSMs and alternatives glorifying the public union protests, go to this post at Washington's Blog.

(Even Max Keiser says, rather incoherently, that it's all about people rising up against the banksters. Huh?)

Who's paying for these teachers?

Who's paying for Obama?

They are so oblivious it is almost pitiful.

The ruler of the regime (Obama) organizes and unleash the demonstrators, and we are supposed to cheer them on as if they were the anti-government protesters in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Bahrain, Algeria.

It looks to me like the equivalent of those pro-Mubarak demonstrations orchestrated by the Mubarak regime that quickly fizzled in Egypt. With the solid support from the White House and the Democratic Party, I wonder how long these demonstrations in Wisconsin will last.


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