Sunday, February 13, 2011

Over Here, Over There, They Are Everywhere ...

Who are they? Goldman Sachs. In your face, and people still refuse to see it.

Mish Shedlock linked a few articles in his blog post (2/13/2011) concerning the reach of the Vampire Squid sprawled on the face of mankind.

According to these articles,

  • An ex-Goldman is the leading contender for the next ECB president replacing Trichet.

  • Another ex-Goldman is the governor of Bank of Canada, the central bank of Canada.

  • Yet another Goldman becomes the SEC division head to oversee asset managers and hedge funds.

Mish's parting shot:

As I said a couple days ago, all we need now to complete the picture is for an ex-Goldman employee to run for president of the United States and for another ex-Goldman employee to replace Bernanke at the Fed.


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