Sunday, February 13, 2011

Washington Post: Biggest CPAC Loser Is Ron Paul

It's just another hit piece on Ron Paul from the establishment.

Winning is losing, losing is winning, you see? Or should I say there is no such thing as losing, it is "unwinning"... (How long do we want to be in this 1984? Like, forever?)

According to Gen-X reporter Chris Cillizza of Washington Post, the biggest loser in the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) was Ron Paul who was No.1 with 30% of the straw poll.

From WaPo (2/13/2011):

The Conservative Political Action Conference, an annual rite of passage for Republicans with an eye on the presidency, concluded over the weekend with Texas Rep. Ron Paul emerging as the winner of the gathering's 2012 straw poll.

But, sometimes winning can actually be closer to losing -- as in Paul's case - and losing (or at least not finishing in the top few in the straw poll) can mask a winning performance at the three-day convention.

So who are the winners in the eyes of this WaPo writer?

Mitt Romney
Mitch Daniels
Michele Bachmann
Rick Perry
Chris Christie

And the losers?

Ron Paul
Rick Santorum
Orrin Hatch


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