Monday, February 14, 2011

Urgent! : Call Your Representative to Stop Patriot Act Extension! (Updated with Roll Call)

(UPDATE) As expected, they passed it. Keep calling your Congressmen who voted yes.

Roll call for today's vote:

Yeas: Republican 210, Democratic 65, total 275

Nays: Republican 27, Democratic 117, Total 144

Not voting: Republican 3, Democratic 11

And this was the February 8 roll call:
Yeas: Republican 210, Democratic 67, total 277

Nays: Republican 26, Democratic 122, Total 148

Not voting: Republican 5, Democratic 4
The House Republicans are at it again TODAY to extend the provisions in the Patriot Act. The vote is set in the evening.

The previous vote on the extension was defeated because it required 2/3 majority. This time, all they need is a simple majority, and they expect it to pass easily.

Contact your Representative and tell him/her to vote NO.

Particularly those Democratic Congressmen, 67 of them, who voted YES the last time around.


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