Thursday, May 5, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: May 5 Photos Inside Reactor 1 Building

TEPCO just released the photos inside the Reactor 1 reactor building on May 5, when 13 workers entered the building to install the ducts for the air-filtering system, braving the radiation level of anything from 10 millisieverts to 1,120 millisieverts per hour.

You can view other photos and videos also at this link:

A worker is measuring the radiation level:

Ducts (pipes) for the air-filtering system, taken from inside the reactor building:

By the way, TEPCO is again increasing the amount of water injected into the Pressure Vessel of the Reactor 1 from 6 tons per hour to 8 tons per hour in the continuing effort to do the "water entombment" of the reactor by injecting the water into the Pressure Vessel and let it leak into the Containment Vessel.

10 tons per hour didn't work the last time, as the pressure dropped too low for TEPCO's comfort. So let's pick 8 and see what happens. Whatever. As Nuclear Safety Commission Chief Haruki Madarame said 6 years ago, "If it gets really dangerous, we will stop doing it." (More of his comments 6 years ago in another post.)

As if the whole accident is little more than a middle-school science project gone bad.

(Don't they have a simulation software or something by now?)


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