Saturday, May 7, 2011

Robot Expo at #Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Now Sweden's Brokk Is Coming

The CEO of the company says his machine is the best and the toughest, having been tested in decommissioning and cleanup at the Chernobyl nuke plant.

From Robotland blog (5/5/2011):

"Swedish Brokk, the world´s leading manufacturer of remote controlled demolition machines, is delivering two Brokk 330 Diesel robots and a brand new larger robot to Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan.

"The first task for the machines is to provide access to highly contaminated areas and clean up contamination. “One key difference between Brokk’s demolition robots and other robots currently on site is that our machines are capable of carrying out multiple different and tougher tasks, such as tearing down concrete structures and take care of heavier contaminated materials” says Martin Krupicka CEO of Brokk.

"The first contact with Brokk and its Japanese partner BGE Company Ltd was taken soon after the accident at Fukushima, as Brokk demolition robots are known globally for decommissioning and material handling in radioactive environments.

"Brokk has successfully delivered robots for demolition, decommissioning and disposal of radioactive material to the nuclear industry for over twenty years, including to the USA, France, Great Britain, Russia and Japan. Brokk machines have for example been used for decommissioning and cleanup at Chernobyl in Urkraine. Brokk was chosen for this extremely challenging work by Taisei Corp, which works for TEPCO at Fukushima, because of our extensive experience in the nuclear industry. Brokk has over two hundred machines at various nuclear sites worldwide. "


Stormdancer said...

I know you as Lapri on ZeroHedge and I just wanted to say thankyou once again for all you're doing here.

I really appreciate the translations you're providing since I don't read Japanese, not to mention your insightful analysis of a situation powerful psychopaths are doing their best to cover up.

Thanks again...

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