Saturday, May 7, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: May 8 Release of Large Amount of Radioactive Materials?

That's what Taro Kono, Representative of Japan's Lower House, says on his May 5 blog post. Referring to an email he received from a bureaucrat at Japan's Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, he quotes from one of the email attachment - minutes of the general meeting on May 1 of the government-TEPCO consolidated headquarters to deal with Fukushima I Nuke Plant accident.

From his May 5 blog post :


Minutes of the general meeting on May 1 of the government-TEPCO consolidated headquarters [to deal with Fukushima I Nuke Plant accident]


"At the rate things are going, a large amount [of radioactive materials] will be released on May 8."


"This [not clear what "this" is, without context] is a very important step to install the heat exchanger, said the PM assistant Hosono. He also said (regarding the possibility of radioactive materials released [outside the reactor building] from now on) that the people involved should share information with each other thoroughly, and be sensitive so as not to repeat the mistakes when the contaminated water was released into the ocean."

Well, who do you think are the "people involved"?

My guess? The government people - chiefs and deputy chiefs at ministries and agencies, and maybe the governor of Fukushima, and TEPCO. When the contaminated water was dumped into the ocean, the Minister of Agriculture and Fishery was upset not because he thought dumping radioactive water was bad but because no one had told him beforehand.

The "people involved" don't seem to include the residents of Fukushima or Japan. Maybe not even the plant workers.

Aside from Mr. Kono's blog post, there is no announcement from any government ministry or agency warning the residents of the potential danger of release of radioactive materials on May 8, when TEPCO is planning to open the double door to the Reactor 1's reactor building to start the work of installing a cooling system that uses a heat exchanger inside the reactor building.

That TEPCO will start the work on May 8 is in the mainstream news, but no word on a large amount of release of radioactive materials possibly as part of the work. Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency says the amount will be very small. (Uh huh.)

There are some who speculates that the cooling of the Reactor 1 by the "water entombment" is not what it seems. This journalist (link is in Japanese) says one of his friends who used to work at Fukushima I Nuke Plant as an engineer thinks the main purpose of filling the Containment Vessel with water is "wet vent". If the release of radioactive materials in large amount is expected on May 8, the reason why TEPCO is pouring more water into the Containment Vessel is to do the "wet vent" that will reduce the amount of radioactive materials coming out of the Pressure Vessel by having them go through water.


Larry said...

Ahhhh... Water, the universal solVENT...

Anonymous said...

Apparently they are opening the door to #1 tomorrow to let workers in, and there was a question of whether nuclear materials would escape, and if so, how much. Tepco estimated 5.6 microsieverts.

Anonymous said...

Once again, great job. Thank you so much.
I'm trying to alert everyone to a group I just found this morning. Check it out:
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Thanks again. Spreading your links everyday.

Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

Ahh, the old wet vent. Time for a nuclear bong hit for mother nature. Too bad they don't know where all this nuclear bong water is going. Does anybody else get the distinct feeling that things are getting worse? TEPCO has been using gauges that don't work maybe for months this means luck has played a major factor in the current status of the facility (and these guys aren't lucky). I'm still waiting for the Mega Float to save the day. The way things have been going it will probably sink in a storm after they fill it with waste. Hey, problem solved! All they need is ten more like it.

The link above mentions "low level" waste I wonder how Shizuoka will feel when they find out all the LLW was already dumped at sea and all they have left is various high level wastes to store? Shizuoka it is your choice we have nuclear tea steeped in fuel rod particles or nuclear bong water flushed pure from the reactor's heart on tap 24/7 pick your poison.

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