Saturday, May 7, 2011

TEPCO: "Release of Radioactive Materials from Reactor 1 Building Will Be Small"

and the famous last word, I'm sure. "No ill effect on human health".

The latest from Yomiuri Shinbun (10:26PM JST 5/7/2011):


TEPCO announced on May 7 that there is a possibility that radioactive materials may be released in the afternoon of May 8 from the reactor building of the Reactor 1 at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant.


TEPCO is going to open the double door to the reactor building [for the first time since the accident] so that the workers can work inside the reactor building for longer periods. TEPCO will monitor the radiation level in and around the plant.

 東電によると、タービン建屋との間にあるこの二重扉を利用して敷設した配管で、原子炉建屋内の空気をタービン建屋側に設置した浄化装置に引き込 み、浮遊する放射性物質を除去している。二重扉はタービン建屋側に作った小部屋で覆っているため、両方の建屋は事実上は仕切られていた。

The air inside the reactor building is being fed through the ducts that go through the double door between the reactor building and the turbine building, and to the air filtering system set up inside the turbine building that removes radioactive materials in the air. TEPCO built a compartment to separate the area where the double door is; so far the turbine building and the reactor building have been separated by this compartment.


However, [TEPCO says] the level of radioactive materials inside the reactor building has been reduced enough for further works to be carried out inside the building, thanks to the air filtering system that's been in operation since May 5. TEPCO will remove the compartment [between the reactor building and the turbine building] in the afternoon of May 8 and open the double door.

That's diametrically opposite of what the government officials were apparently saying on May 1, when the PM's assistant was on record saying "there will be a large amount of radioactive materials released on May 8".

No estimate or simulation of how low (or high) the level may be of the radioactive materials coming out of the Reactor 1 reactor building. No official (government) word.

For the rest of us, we are supposed to take TEPCO's word and feel secure and comforted that radiation will be low.

This is the company that somehow forgot (didn't bother, I might say) to inform the plant workers of the "dry vent" (the link is in Japanese) that it did on Reactor 1 on March 12, exposing the workers on the ground to high radiation without them knowing. Only a handful operators who did the vent, and some in the operation headquarters at the plant knew about it, and not all workers had dosimeters with them at that time (dosimeters were swept away and lost in the tsunami).


Majia's Blog said...

Evidence and discussion on ongoing LARGE releases of Cesium

Anonymous said...

Majia, I looked at your blog. I'm not sure the data is showing what you think it is showing. For example, the graph from Cologne is showing a trend which will result in a concentration of 20 becquerels of CS137 per square meter on the US West Coast by December 2011. 20 becquerels per square meter is 20,000,000 becquerels per square kilometer. Converted to curies this is .0005 curies per square kilometer. The temporary exclusion zone for Chernobyl was established at 5 curies per square kilometer. This was the lowest level of contamination for which they relocated people. In order for California to reach this level, the Cesium would have to be 185,000 per square meter (or, 9250 times the current level). Even if we assume that California will continue to accumulate 20 becquerels every six months for the next 30 years, it will still only be at 1/154th of the level of the lowest level of evacuation of Chernobyl - but after 30 years the radioactivity will be reduced by half, and so the actual radioactivity will by 1/154 * 50%. One could argue that this level is still too high, but it certainly would not cause the millions of deaths that is mentioned in your blog.

Anonymous said...

↑ If anyone has the energy to check my math I would appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

At this point, all we have are rough estimates.

I don't vouch for those numbers (or any specific figures) because we have incomplete information and the situation is ongoing, but I do believe that many people will die because of cancers and birth defects related to this event.

The risks form internal emitters (consumed radiation) are much, much greater than the risks from external exposure.

European committee on radiation risk
European committee on radiation risk

Have you seen the images of smoke pouring from the plant last night? They can be found at enews and were posted 5/8. Do you know anything about that?

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

I saw that image, too. One of the readers of this blog posted the link (

No I don't know any more than anyone who watched the vid/photo. I'm posting the link on my Japanese blog and see if anyone over there know anything.

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