Tuesday, May 31, 2011

IAEA Experts Investigated #Fukushima I Accident for 10 Days, Ready to Report and Praise the Japanese Government

So the IAEA's team of nuclear experts arrived on May 23 on a 10-day mission to figure out what happened at Fukushima I Nuke Plant, and they're now done and ready to report.

As reported in Mainichi Shinbun Japanese, the IAEA report will state the obvious, nothing new, nothing to contradict what TEPCO and the Japanese government have been insisting. And a generous praise for the Japanese government.

The IAEA findings to be included in their report, from Mainishi Shinbun Japanese (2:50AM JST 6/1/2011):

  • Danger of tsunami was underestimated. People who build nuclear power plants and people who operate the plants should factor in the impact of "natural disasters" more;

  • Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (regulatory agency for the nuclear industry) should be more independent;

  • Initial response should be better thought out;

  • Hydrogen is dangerous;

  • Dedicated and determined skilled workers at the plant;

  • TEPCO's "roadmap" needs to be revised as the situation develops, and some form of international cooperation may be possible;

  • The international community should learn from the Fukushima I accident as a lesson on nuclear safety.


  • The Japanese government's response to the accident has been "wonderful and well-organized".

No kidding. The IAEA had better inform the residents of Japan about that very quickly; they may already have gotten some funny ideas about the effectiveness of their government in dealing with the on-going nuclear crisis.

The IAEA team is scheduled to visit the Prime Minister's Residence on June 1, and hand the report to the Prime Minister.


netudiant said...

No surprises in this report.
Only the last bullet should be changed to say that the Japanese people's response to this disaster has been 'wonderfully patient and enduring'.
The government, the IAEA and the industry should thank their lucky stars that the people have not gotten angry.

Kim and Kame said...

A question. Did they even visit the actual plant where the meltdowns occurred?

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@netudiant, anger is slowly boiling.

@kim and kame, they did. They took a quick tour of the plant on a bus.

Anonymous said...

That's no praise... The world media titles "Japan underestimated tsunami threat"

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