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#Radiation in Japan: 2 Drugs to Help Expel Plutonium from Body to Be Approved in July

It seems like an oblique way for the Japanese government to admit plutonium (and other transuranium elements such as americium and curium) has been released from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant and dispersed in wide enough areas to warrant a very quick approval of drugs that expel them from the body.

Transuranium elements are the chemical elements with atomic numbers greater than 92, the atomic number of uranium. They are all highly radioactive.

From Asahi Shinbun (12:09AM JST 6/2/2011):


Two drugs that expel radioactive materials from the body are set to be approved in July, as the experts agreed at a meeting on June 1 of the Committee on Medicine and Food Safety of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.


The drugs are " ジトリペンタートカル" and "アエントリペンタート"*. They are used as intravenous drugs. Nihon Mediphysics (in Tokyo) will be the sole importer and distributor of the drugs.

[* I have no idea how they are spelled, or who makes these drugs. These are the brand names to be used in Japan, not the chemical names. The latter has "アエン" in the name, that's "zinc" in Japanese. Does anyone know more about these drugs? What I've found by a quick Google search is at the bottom of the post.]


According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the drugs are used for people who have inhaled a large amount of radioactive materials or who have open wounds from which the radioactive materials have entered the body in a nuclear power plant accident. They have been found effective in expelling plutonium in urine. They are approved in the US, Germany and France as of October 2010.

No information is posted on the Ministry's site, and there's nothing in Nihon Mediphysics' site.

CBNews has a bit more information about these two drugs (original in Japanese):

The drugs will help lessen the internal radiation from the transuranium elements - plutonium, americium, and curium - by "replacing calcium and zinc with the transuranium elements" (カルシウムや亜鉛を超ウラン元素で置き換えて) and "expel them in urine".

It seems what these drugs do is to chilate the transuranium elements.

So I googled "plutonium chilation" and the search came up with this paper "Three Plutonium Chelation Cases At Los Alamos National Laboratory" (Oct 2010) (emphasis is mine):


Chelation treatments with dosages of 1 g of either Ca-DTPA (Trisodium calcium diethylenetriaminepentaacetate) or Zn-DTPA (Trisodium zinc diethylenetriaminepentaacetate) Occupational Medicine in three recent cases of wounds contaminated with metallic forms of 239Pu. All cases were finger punctures, and each were undertaken at Los Alamoschelation injection contained the same dosage of DTPA. One subject was treated only once, while the other two received multiple injections. Additional measurements of wound, urine, and excised tissues were taken for one of the cases. These additional measurements served to improve the estimate of the efficacy of the chelation treatment. The efficacy of the chelation treatments was compared for the three cases. Results were interpreted using models, and useful heuristics for estimating the intake amount and final committed doses were presented. In spite of significant differences in the treatments and in the estimated intake amounts and doses amongst the three cases, a difference of four orders of magnitude was observed between the highest excretion data point and the values observed at about 100 d for all cases. Differences between efficacies of Zn-DTPA and Ca-DTPA could not be observed in this study. An efficacy factor of about 50 was observed for a chelation treatment, which was administered at about 1.5 y after the incident, though the corresponding averted dose was very small (LA-UR 09-02934).

I don't know if these two drugs mentioned in the abstract of the paper above are the ones to be sold in Japan, but the chemical names suggest they are.


Apolline said...


I've got this (in french, sorry)that seems match your question thoroughly enough :

Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

Questions and Answers on Calcium-DTPA and Zinc-DTPA (Updated):

Facts About Diethylene triamine pentaacetic acid (DTPA)

Common chelation agents

DTPA wiki:

"Chelation chemically removes the plutonium from the circulating blood and is most effective when given immediately after an intake of plutonium. Plutonium in the blood is quickly deposited in the skeleton, liver, and other tissues, with a portion being quickly excreted via the urine. Once the deposition has occurred, chelation therapy will remove some plutonium, but only a very tiny fraction of what has been incorporated into the body. Thus, for all practical purposes chelation is ineffective a few days to a week or so after the initial intake. Analysis of feces and urine—bioassay—can reveal a great deal about the intake, including how much material was taken into the body, its chemical composition and solubility, and excretion rate. Information from bioassay can also be used to assess the efficacy of chelation therapy and thus provide guidance to the physician. The contamination found on your shoes and at your work station indicates the possibility of an intake of plutonium; the magnitude of that intake can be assessed through bioassay.

Ronald L. Kathren, CHP"

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@helios, thank you so much. I used google translation. Side effects look very nasty for repeated or prolonged use, which it's going to be in Japan.

Apolline said...

Yes, I have read for the nasty effects, poor japanese...

Niigata said...


Thank you for your blog I read constantly from France with my Japanese wife.

After poisoning the people with their lies following the nuclear explosions, they will continue with their medication ...
Shame, shame really, poor Japanese

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@robbie, thank you as always! And google keeps putting your post in SPAM folder, even after I manually remove it! This is so irritating.

I shared your and Helios's info with my Japanese readers.

Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

Thanks for finding my "spam" I was starting to wonder. I'd hate to think of all the stuff I posted months ago that may have evaporated. I get a page after I post that said my comment was posted and shows it with date and time but then if I reload articles a short time later some of them disappear. Sometimes they pop back up hours or a day later sometimes they don't. I re-posted one of my "missing" posts and then it's doppelganger popped up crowding the thread so I didn't re-post anything else. If it would help just re-post my stuff under your name I'm not looking for fame but my information is (^^)

Maybe I should change my name to SPAM (^^), it's just par for the course but such is life. First they suspend my Gaccount for "suspicious activity" then they drop sporadic Captcah queries in my mostly nuclear google searches and now they are trying to block me as spam. I wonder if GE owns a lot of Google stock? like I said I had no problem until a few weeks after commenting on Fukushima (I don't think someone likes me). I also understand Alexander Higgins blog went down in a malicious server attack.

Once again I would suggest making copies of all the posts and any source material people find interesting because it may not be there tomorrow.

Are the Japanese familiar with the Karen Silkwood story? If it wasn't well received the first time around it should be repeated because now is when they will probably be the most receptive to the story.

Well, if you don't hear from me for awhile and you read some fat old guy died somewhere at the hands of nuclear ninjas you'll know they got me. Until then on with the information, even if I have to hobble to deliver it.

Anonymous said...

GE owns 50% of this drug company.

Anonymous said...


What you say that?

Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, May 11, 2011
Radioactive Fallout: Can Nutritional Supplements Help?

Anonymous said...

DMSA - dimercaptosuccinic acid, is a safe oral chelator of heavy metals.

Anonymous said...

There is protection from radiation right under our nose.
Protection from Radiation: Calcium Bentonite Clay
Joanie | Wednesday, March 16th, 2011 | No Comments »
No matter what we do, no matter how health conscious we’ve become, no matter what precautions are taken, our bodies are radiated daily. It is crucially important to counter this bombardment, to remove this radiation and the resultant damage from our bodies on a daily basis. There is nothing better for this purpose than using quality Calcium Bentonite Clay on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

Every coin has two sides.

DMSA or "Succimer/Chemet" has been around for decades if it was very effective at removing radionuclides I think it would be listed as such on this antidote chart. It is mainly used for lead removal. The chart specifically names agents used against "dirty bombs" (like Fukushima).

Serious Side Effects of DMSA:

"According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, some of succimer's side effects may be so serious that immediate medical help is necessary. Serious side effects include a fever, cough, sore throat and skin rash. Nephritis (kidney infection), hepatotoxicity (liver damage) and gastrointestinal (stomach or intestinal) bleeding are other serious side effects. states that succimer also lowers your immune system, making you more susceptible to such infections as the flu. Seek medical help if you have these symptoms".

DMSA doesn't work as well on some heavy metals this may be why it isn't a preferred nuclear chelation agent.

"No controlled clinical studies have been conducted with succimer in poisoning with other heavy metals. A limited number of patients have received succimer for mercury or arsenic poisoning. These patients showed increased urinary excretion of the heavy metal and varying degrees of symptomatic improvement".

“Succimer is effective for treating children with lead poisoning, but it does not work very well for mercury,” stated Walter Rogan, M.D., head of the Pediatric Epidemiology Group at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

There are also studies that point to "cognitive deficits" in the unexposed treated with DMSA.

An unexpected finding was that rats not exposed to lead but treated with succimer showed cognitive deficits similar to those of untreated rats with high lead levels during early development.

Anonymous said...

This free ebook download, written in 2004 before the Japanese accident, details all the known methods for helping capture and detoxify radioactive contamination from the body. I think it may help your Japanese and West Coast readers:

The author has given free reprint rights to anyone in Japan to use any or all sections of the book. The author was contacted by a large Japanese publisher who wanted two years to translate the materials, almost as if they were trying to keep the information off the market, or were just inept at marketing and production while the crisis calls for this type of information. Strange.

Anonymous said...

McTarnahan's Original Ball Solution (patented) Apply transdermally TO THE SOLES OF THE FEET. Comes with a strong warning (as does dmso) forbidding human use because it will cure every disease known to man and drug companies cannot make any money from it. It would not cure syphilis, dyptheria, etc. 150 years ago, so the search for penicillin continued.

Anonymous said...

Zeolite is a volcanic substance, very big lattice formation that help attach and carry heavy metal and radioactive poisons out of the body. Please look it up.

Anonymous said...

This is a very good article on rad protection.
Magnesium and radiation protection.
Bob in Colorado

Anonymous said...

2004 Apr. As a result of take-over of Amersham by General Electric Company(GE), GE Healthcare became a shareholder of Nihon Medi-Physics

Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

You can list all the radiation protection schemes you can think of if any of them were a panacea then radiation contamination wouldn't be an issue. If we could just eat our way out of serious contamination the nuclear industry would be the first to tout the miracle I don't think they want everybody breathing down their necks. The simple fact of the matter is as of yet there aren't any easy safe magic bullets to deal with nuclear contamination on a wide scale.

The US has tried remediation on Bikini Atoll they thought their efforts were successful so they allowed some of the islanders to return in the 1970's. They soon had to evacuate because the experts got it wrong. Now the islanders want 15 inches of soil removed and the government wants to load the soil with "proven" calcium and potassium analogs to dilute uptake. This is over half a century after the original contamination.

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