Saturday, June 4, 2011

Video of 4-Sievert/Hour Steam Gushing Out in Reactor 1 at #Fukushima

TEPCO says this won't derail the work to "cool the reactor".


Anonymous said...

What do you think of that:

Dominique Guillet

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@Dominique, that Israeli firm's camera has caught a lot of attention in Japan (only on the internet, of course). Also the part about a nuke being detonated in the Japan Trench. It's a very interesting read, although TEPCO doesn't seem to need any outside intervention to create this disaster.

If Israel's motivation to do it, as this journalist says, was to punish Japan, that would be highly historically ironic.

Apolline said...

Hello from France,

2 links to Arnie Gundersen interviews. I translate for my blog the second one (big work!)

Frenchie yours

Anonymous said...

reply to 11:32,

I will not answer every assertion on that site, only these.

Man-made tsunami of that mass? You jest.

"Overheated open fuel pools cannot produce hydrogen because in an open fuel pool the water boils off at 100 Celsius, .. The rods will prefer the free oxygen in the air and burn long before .."

If 4's pool had drained and seawater introduced at high temp., hydrogen would be produced.
If the rods had been burning, smoke would have been seen.

TEPCO certainly has not been forthcoming with all info at its disposal, and doubtless welcomes many of the assumptions rife at that site. Help them if you feel to.

TEPCO certainly would not welcome prosecution, and certainly deserves it.

Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

I think this guy has an over active imagination and a poor grasp of the facts. Iran doesn't need Japan to enrich Uranium for them they have not one but two enrichment facilities with more on the way.

"The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said in a report on Wednesday that Iran would start producing 20% enriched uranium "within a few days".

Until now, Iran has produced uranium enriched to 3.5% for power stations".

This guy also claims the explosion at reactor #4 was caused by explosives because it is impossible to generate hydrogen in an open pool (WRONG!). Temperature not pressure causes the molecular disassociation thousands of tons of water boiled away and a significant portion was "cracked" into a free Hydrogen.

Dr' Science's misguided explanation:

"Overheated open fuel pools cannot produce hydrogen because in an open fuel pool the water boils off at 100 Celsius, and won't be present in pressurized form at 2,000 degrees Celsius to liberate it's hydrogen by losing it's oxygen to the zircon cladding in the fuel rods".

This guy neglects the incredible heat that is boiling the water. He obviously thinks the heat source is just above the boiling temperature of water instead of red or orange hot. The zircaloy cladding is plenty hot enough to snatch oxygen out of the water and liberate hydrogen.

If Israel is hunting down countries that help Iran's nuclear program why aren't they attacking French nuclear facilities for supplying Iran with enrichment technology?

"Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reported that an Iranian procurement firm linked to Iran's nuclear program has obtained hardware for uranium enrichment manufactured by a French company that, until recently, was owned by American industrial conglomerate Tyco International".

This guy also claims nuclear weapons were used to cause the building damage and Tsunami. This is wrong on so many levels I can't even start to explain so I won't. The only thing you need to know is a terrestrial nuclear detonation has a very unique seismic signature that is impossible to mask. The chance that Israel could set off a series of nuclear detonations without the geologists of the world knowing is laughable. In addition he claims the Israeli's planted a gun type nuclear device under the guise of a special camera. Any surface detonation would be obvious to the Operational Nuclear Detection System (IONDS) the CTBTO not to mention normal cameras that filmed the event. This guy ignores the blinding ultra pure white flash that proceeds a successful nuclear weapons detonation.

Now of course this type of perimeter intrusion detection system has been in use for a while since Israel has so many "loving" neighbors. If Israel has figured out how to set off surface detonations without detection why are they still having problems with their immediate neighbors?

Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

As for the OP TEPCO says this won't derail the work to "cool the reactor" because there isn't any work to derail, radiation levels don't effect prayer. They are still clinging to the hope they can close the cooling loops and recycle the contaminated water. This plan envisioned intact RPV's with minimal fuel damage not molten pools in unknown places and configurations.

One thing this proves is they have the ability to detect levels of radiation above 1000 mSv when they want to. I guess they were showing off for the IAEA. This doesn't bode well for the contamination levels in the plant.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Poor Packbot.

Anonymous said...

Why do you write that Tepco "still clinging to the hope" ?

It's not incompetence, nor foolishness.

We are living in a "PR" nightmare.

Everything since mid march is "public relations" related.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Like Europe can't let go Greece, and has paid, and will continue to pay... Tepco and the japanese authorities will continue to talk about "plans", "hope" etc.

Because they can't do anything else.

Anonymous said...

He has an over-active imagination.

Now, how does 4S/hr radiation level relate to these levels in basement water for #1?

Radioactivity in No. 1 Reactor Basement Water 10,000 Times Normal

Fukushima, May 30 (Jiji Press)–Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Monday that the amounts of radioactive materials in water at a reactor building of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant were about 10,000 times the normal levels for water inside a nuclear reactor. [ this is because rods have melted, cladding is gone and uranium is in direct contact with water ]

The water, recently found in the basement of the No. 1 reactor building of the nuclear power plant, contained 30,000 becquerels of iodine-131 per cubic centimeter, 2.5 million becquerels of cesium-134 and 2.9 million becquerels of cesium-137.

Anonymous said...

It is important to understand that it is not possible to avoid cancer that will be caused by the radiation from Fukushima. The Petkau effect demonstrates a greater danger from low levels ingested than from instantaneous high level exposures. 'Small' amounts of radiation that take up residence in our cells and tissues cause more damage than the 'flash bulbs' of explosions.
It is now necessary to grow our food indoors in solar greenhouses. To decontaminate our water and land. Clean the air.
We are actually on our own now.
Always have been.
It is necessary to govern on behalf of the seventh generation.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4:16

Robbie001 sez

Yes, the retard who thinks that Israel used nuclear weapons to cause Fukushima to punish the Japanese for "helping" Iran has an over active imagination and the science knowledge of a gnat. People like him only discredit the facts on the ground by coloring it with their personal ignorance.

I have been commenting on this blog since April and I have been repeatedly thanked by the writer of this blog for my insights and knowledge. Don't lecture me on what you think I don't know because I've forgotten more about the pitfall of nuclear power than most people will even know (yourself included).

Anonymous said...

The link posted by Dominique is of no consequence. The guy is really only extending invitations to waste your time. No thanks.

@Robbie001, your insights are appreciated, rest assured.

And to the writer of this blog, this site is one of the best for info, and for its humanity. Thank you.

So, TEPCO management is murderously cynical to the point of threatening much of the world with its inactivity after the quake, long weeks of that.

And they found sympathy with their international partners.

They generated scores of lies, and were not called upon them by those partners.

Anonymous said...

diagram of steam hole location,

Quite high readings from that corner of the building for some several weeks.

Masher1 said...

The Anonymous posters above sure are brazen.

The Anonymous posters above don't have any ammo to refute so they resort to name calling.

Anonymous users are without ANY credibility on any subject because they are Anonymous.

The proof is in their ACTION! We know from history nukes can and DO cause Tsunami.

We all can see the history of the israeli in stinking piles wherever they tread.

Anonymous is losing.

Anonymous is exposed.

Their deeds will always expose them. Always

Tom Lowe said...

I believe that the tsunami nuke and the camera nuke were intended as an offensive act of war against the Asian economy, period, over and out.

I have no doubt whatsoever that that camera was also a dirty bomb.

Anonymous said...

I knew from day one the meltdowns happened in the first few days.... I have an old high school friend who works for some company (he won't say which) that deals with nuclear safety. He accused me of spreading fear on Facebook when I posted my theories, all of which have been confirmed by news reports since.

Everything I posted was common sense, like in the #3 explosion. You could plainly see spent fuel racks and rods pouring down all over the place, not to mention the overhead crane that transfers the spent fuel from the reactor to the pool. My last comment was "Japan may soon be uninhabitable" on the 20th of March or so, I have since deactivated my FB account and so has he. I think he got in trouble for posting a few things he shouldn't have.... serves him right.

He and his wife were accusing the MSM of spreading fear for no reason and everything was perfectly safe at Fukushima.... Why is it that someone with no experience in reactors, using only common sense, could plainly see everything went to hell in a hand basket and the so called expert was thinking all was fine? Morons.....

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 10:41

Many of these "experts" will tell you they know who butters their bread. They don't tell you much more than that.

kyle said...

Earless bunny found near Fukushima

Thought Criminal said...

This Chris Martensen story brought one interesting improbability to the table.

This was a 9.1 quake and there was very little damage to Sendai?

By the definitions of seismic magnitude, Sendai should have been a pile of rubble before the tsunami hit.

That was either not a 9.1 quake, in fact nothing near a 9.1, or something else created that tsunami.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your great work EX SKF.

Me, being an anonymous but not related in any way to the doings of "Anonynous" would like to ask these guy that please stop wasting your time exposing SONY ineptitude and get those fingers working in uncovering the truth behind all these latest Natural disasters. This is not natural but it's not such a long tale as our freelace journalist tryed to expose. Sure, there are things tings that don't fit but we need hard evidence of what really happened. For example:

Have you noticed the lately events on which a population of a single especies of animals suddenly die on a limited geographical area? Be it worms, birds or sheep. My bet is someone is trying to "fine tune" their EM weapons. Someones have power beyond what any human should exercise and we are still on time to stop their global eugenics proyect, don't think in far fetched reason to do evil, securing the survival of ones race in an overpopulated/resource short world would be my top priority if I had the power.

The universe may bless you all.

Anonymous said...

an isostropic vector inverted 4 fold could serve as a manifold silencer, just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Mmmhmmm. Here's the tie-in to the 'webbots' prediction that somehow 'Isreals mistake' leads to a giant radiation cloud over the earth.

Right on time.

Either the web bots are a tool of the Isreali's/Mossad who DID Fukushima as
they say or someone is writing a story
attempting to tie Isreal to Fukushima
'as per' the webbots, whichever is more
probable as per *Feynman*.

The odds of the web bots 'predicting' a radioactive cloud over the earth are ZERO.

The odds of the webbots being a wartime psyop tool of whomever is 100%.

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