Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TEPCO Now Has #Fukushima I Live Camera

It's "live" with 30 seconds delay.

The "live" camera replaced the good old "Fukuichi" camera that was a still shot every hour.

The camera is set at about 250 meters northwest of the Reactor 1. The image is black and white, and you see mostly the Reactors 1 and 2. You do see what's left of the Reactor 3 and the Reactor 4, but for those reactors TBS/JNN's live camera is much better.

Here's the link to TEPCO's live camera (or click on the image):


Here's the link to TBS/JNN live camera, again (I have a tiny embed of the video on this blog, to the right): http://youtu.be/FptmoVcgpqg


Secular said...

Many thanks for the link.
(At least TepCo get the photography right).

Keep up the good work here especially with the nuclear disaster updates and analysis.

Does anyone have news on the Alexander Higgins web site crash last week? - it's still down

Anonymous said...

cnt see w/ other1 TBS filled grey most of time

Anonymous said...

The TBS/JNN camera has been pointing to the sky for days now.

Anonymous said...

Robbie sez:

@ Anon 4:09

It seems Alexander is having problems with malicious code monkeys. (I've been having some mysterious issues myself) He thinks his server has been compromised to the point that he needs different equipment. He is asking for help so if anyone has a server or some space they'd like to donate I'm sure he'd appreciate it.


Apolline said...

Your two links for webcam dont work ! One of them is black,and the other(your tiny embed)is grey...even when it is daylight in Japan (ahead of 7 hours compared with France)
Is it normal ? Webcam forbidden for french people, lol ?

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