Sunday, May 22, 2011

Iceland Volcano Erupts, "No Immediate Effect"

These days, whenever I hear that phrase - "no immediate effect" - I tend to assume there is longer-term effect...

Here's a screen capture from Reuter's video footage:

The Reuters' article is here.


Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez

I think the main problem with certain volcanic eruptions is their engine clogging emissions can interfere with air travel. I think there have been cases of aircraft being caught unaware and having problems in the past.

Anonymous said...

The first report on the ash indicates that is less fine and less abrasive than the output of Eyjaf-thingy.

Anonymous said...

"and less abrasive than the output of Eyjaf-thingy."

Don't kid yourself, it isn't about abrassiveness, silica dioxide kills hot jet engine surfaces - period.

It also scratches paint off and destroys exposed plexiglass windows and aircraft pitot tubes.

This plume went 20km high, and that's about 4 to 5km higher than normal, indicating a very energetic and hot eruption. Energetic eruptions pulvarise the dust and spread it over larger area at higher average density. Hardly an 'upside'.

If this goes on for weeks expect another very cold winter in Europe. These things affect global weather, for instance, Australia is also having its coldest May in 50 years, and the cool temps came about 5 to 6 weeks earlier than normal.

That's what big protracted eruptions do.

pokarm said...

Every volcano has to erupt sometime. This one is nothing comparing to the biggest. So we don't need to worry about if you we are no owner of any airplane.

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