Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Multiple 10-Centimeter Holes in Reactor 2 Containment Vessel at #Fukushima I Nuke Plant

So says the Mainichi Shinbun reporters who must be reading the report submitted by TEPCO on May 23 and released on May 24.

Multiple 10-centimeter holes in the Reactor 2 Containment Vessel, and one 7-centimeter hole in the Reactor 1 Containment Vessel.

Hiroaki Koide of Kyoto University was so right. The Containment Vessels' integrity has been long gone. TEPCO should have known all along, and all the experts, including Koide, must have known.

From Mainichi Shinbun Japanese (2:30AM JST 5/25/2011):


In the report that TEPCO disclosed on May 24 regarding the core meltdown in the Reactors 2 and 3, the possibility of holes in the Containment Vessels of the Reactors 1 and 2 is mentioned for the first time. The Reactor 1 Containment Vessel may have a hole 7-centimeter in diameter, and the Reactor 2 Containment vessel may have multiple holes 10-centimeter in diameter.

According to the Mainichi article, TEPCO came to the conclusion of multiple 10-centimeter holes in the Reactor 2 Containment Vessel and one 7-centimeter hole in the Reactor 1 Containment Vessel from the analysis of the pressure data.


Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

This should be the nuclear industry's new motto. "we're very sorry we'll get it right next time, now just trust us from now on". Or, "our science is a religion...have faith and live for-never"

So I wonder if the holes are former instrument channels. Only one hole in RPV #1 make me think something was so hot and fluid that it didn't have time to spread out after the core collapsed.

This is the kind of stuff that makes the nuclear industry cringe too bad it isn't being followed by the MSM. Commercial nuclear's entire existence relies on ridiculously optimistic unquestioned public relations. Good thing for them they control most MSM. Now the race will be to generate a bunch of self serving official reports to "prove" the uncontrolled releases don't mean anything so things can get back to "normal".

(They call this a "Lesson Learn" in nucspeak)

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@robbie, deafening silence in the US media is scary. RPVs were not supposed to be breached, and Containment Vessels were not supposed to break. The NRC stopped Fukushima 24/7 monitoring on the day TEPCO came clean on total meltdown.

Anonymous said...

What's a containment vessel? The terminology generally used is 1) reactor pressure vessel (RPV) and 2) containment structure.

Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

The upside down lightbulb shaped primary containment structure has been referred to as a primary containment vessel. Even the "experts" over at the IAEA calls it a "containment vessel"

"Nitrogen gas is still being injected into the containment vessel in Unit 1 to reduce the possibility of hydrogen combustion inside the containment vessel."

And yes, they do know what a RPV is

"TEPCO has reported that information obtained after calibration of the reactor water level gauges of Unit 1 shows that the actual water level in the Unit 1 reactor pressure vessel was lower than was indicated".


Hey look structure or vessel can't we all agree in technical terminology the concrete balloons popped and the reactors pooped and now everything is really stinky.

@ Areva

I think you and the falloutphilippines person are the only people actually following the story outside of Japan. I have started copying all of the posts and post comments that I've made because Google is really getting flaky. I suggest anyone who cares do the same. I rename the files by the date of the articles and backup every few days depending on story volume. If you don't rename the saved files it will keep overwriting with the same filename and you'll only have a copy of the last page of articles you saved. The same goes for the source articles they won't be available forever so you better make copies of the ones with useful information now.

Also now I'm running up against Captcha challenge-response questions during certain nuclear based Google queries . According to the Google Captcha page I am break Googles TOS but this can be caused by malicious code so once again I think someone isn't happy with me. I have been checking my system but everything seems OK. I think someone on the outside somehow has the ability to selectively target my Google queries. I don't get a Captcha every query but every Captcha is a nuclear query. If it becomes a real problem I'll just have to "hop and drop" my comments and research through an anonymizer.

CAPTCHA message:

"This page appears when Google automatically detects requests coming from your computer network which appear to be in violation of the Terms of Service. The block will expire shortly after those requests stop. In the meantime, solving the above CAPTCHA will let you continue to use our services.

This traffic may have been sent by malicious software, a browser plug-in, or a script that sends automated requests."

Anonymous said...

Apparently the gov't in Japan is just as trustworthy (or not) as the gov't in the US. Sorry to see that Japan. A bit of unsolicited advice, move out of Japan, nobody cares one hoot about you, you will glow in the dark and light bulbs will glow when you walk within 25 feet of them before your gov't does anything to protect you.

Anonymous said...

We have detected radiation as far away as New Zealand in the Southern Hemisphere.
People coming from Japan - and their products (not all) show signs of radioactive contamination.

Curious, NZs once critical and loud anti-nuclear lobby has been stangely silent. Deadly Silent. They have been muzzled, and now promote nuclear power technologies to offset the imaginery evils of 'CO2' ... which is based on a con job and flawed science.

In the mean time ... the Japanese cores are still going critical, with ongoing chain reactions, and the Japanese are too paralsed and stupid to do the right think.
Namely, evacuate large parts of Japan, and terminate the reactor chain reaction and bulding complexes forwith.

Drewbert said...

I don't think it really matter what size the holes are.

There are holes, and the GE owned media is not telling the sheeple.

Ooooooo! Look! Dancing with the stars!

Anonymous said...

The ABC P.M.Radio station Australia hasn't farted loud enough to adorn itself of this development.So I doubt anyone has picked this up elsewhere.Australia is a very poxy place for very bad Nuke news.I cry mainly for Muslim countries with spent nuke warhead materials.And well,I think I am actually burn't out,myself.Unable to really adjust to all the liars and deceivers in this nation alone.And an absence of Australian creativity about these Japanese problems alarms me more than the phoney moralists who keep claiming there are no problems.So ,if it means anything to you.Good luck,and may some how you yourself get somewhere and be inspired by a potential solution,that doesn't seem at all apparent.Our Green's Leader Bob Brown actually said physics was old science.So I guess Green types in Japan expect they can be like a Dutch,Holland Netherlands children's story about putting a biological finger in the Dyke,or sea walls!Perhaps a tulip!? Failing that!?Thank you.P.A.TRAVERS. Don't want a email address anymore.

Anonymous said...

Not at all good for Japan, ex-skf but we very much appreciate your translations, although I am 'agreeably surprised' how TEPCO now (have been forced?) reveals hard data. Can you imagine that ever happening in the US/UK/France/Israel?

Would you care to exercise your very capable translation abilities to this website:-


I suspect it might be quite important information for the Japanese people and once rendered intelligible to westerners, could expect wider dissemination. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

If TEPCO execs are caught lying intentionally, they will be dragged to jail. So, they pretend they know nothing, understand nothing and they avoid collecting new data as much as possible, because it may end up on a prosecutor's desk.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but wonder how they could possibly know ANY of this this detail and measurements, given they have not actually been inside the dry-well, to have a look at it, nor looked inside from the top of it?

What are they basing this on?

Are they just making stuff up here about the size and number of the holes?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Australian State media's reactions, as likewise noted above, I was horrified (and annoyed) that on ABC-24 Breakfast on the 24th, to listen to their Japan correspondent still FAILING to get accross the FACTS, that No,1 and No.2 and No.3 have ALL melted-down - completely - plus FULLY BREACHED their primary contaiment vessels, and are making a plutonium laced lava pool in the concrete foundations RIGHT NOW.

And have been for ... oh ... about 2.5 months ... and that No.3, being MOX and more thermally active, and also fission reactive, is likely to actualy be unable to be arrested by foundation melt-mixing and watr cooling stabilization (Gundersen recently pointed out that the T and P in No.3 indicates it is dry inside and at near atmospheric P ...so the T indicates the fuel is uncooled), and will probably exit the foundation, at some point.

ABC Australia nuclear accident denial is apparently what they specialize in, even when presented with the stark actual facts, and have a correspondent right there, they still can't or rather WON'T put it all together, and state what we KNOW has already occurred.

They just keep endlessly pretending that it STILL has not actually happened when the evidence is now very clear that it has fully happened already - long ago.

Yet they continue this annoying game of coming across as oh-so-credible, authorative, correct and 'responsible' - when they are still just positing hopey drivel that is actually WRONG.

Useless as tits on a bull.

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