Friday, May 27, 2011

Rabbit Without Ears, Allegedly Born After #Fukushima Accident

It is actually a very cute animal, trying to eat as much as it can among much bigger "normal" rabbits.

The video was uploaded on Youtube on May 21 by someone who says he/she lives in the area in Fukushima Prefecture close to Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant.

In one of the replies to the comments, he/she says the location is "500 meters from No.34 in the Ministry of Education's radiation map." No.34 in the radiation map is "Ookawara, Ookuma-machi, Futaba-gun, 7 kilometers from Fukushima I Nuke Plant, south by southwest."

The youtube video has received a ton of negative comments from the Japanese viewers calling it fake and fear-mongering. Reading the comment by the person who uploaded it, I don't get that feeling and the video doesn't look like a fake, but it's just me.

The person who uploaded the video says it is one of their rabbit, and it was born after they fed their rabbits with their favorite fresh green grass after the Reactor 3 blew up. He/she says "We were working in our backyard when the Reactor 3 blew up, which we didn't know at that time. Our faces and throats felt burned, and we thought we're going to die. So we fed the rabbits with their favorite grass." And "It's just too late, telling us after 2 months how contaminated the soil is around here. We've drunk from the well water, have eaten the wild mountain vegetables."

Some samples of viewers' comments (original in Japanese); many of them attacking the messenger (the person who uploaded it):

What a cute little rabbit. Breed as a new breed.

There's no proof that this video was shot in Japan!

That cannot be in Fukushima. Dubious video.

Yeah just blame everything on radiation, idiot.

It's gotta be China.

I've seen the rabbits with no ears or stunted ears. Nothing to do with radiation.

You [the person who uploaded it]'re spreading the malicious rumor.

You [the person who uploaded it] are crazy. You should go see the psychiatrist quick.

Interestingly, many comments from people who take the video seriously and discuss the implications of radiation exposure (both internal and external) are flagged as "spam".


Anonymous said...

Real good job. Thanks from a french listener.
Something should be shown to those who doubts about mutations resulting from radiations exposure. Paul Fusco did a great job related to Chernobyl's disaster. Look at this :
sorry if you knew it yet.

Ono said...

Good job.

We Japanese must spread these informations.

With our best.

Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

Robert Del Tredici has published a book called "The People of Three Miles Island"
ISBN 0-87156-237-5

It covers a lot of stories of the people "not" effected by the disaster many of them were farmers.

"Henry and Nancy Gilbert have been raising exotic birds for ten years. On the evening of May 2nd 1979, within two hours 416 of their birds mysteriously died" (their home was 10 miles away from the plant, The Gilberts were gone for the two hours.)

The Gilberts claim the vet from the State AG board who looked at the birds said the birds died from intestinal bleeding. The wife wrote down the message for her husband. The vet later recanted the story claiming he had never called them but when it was pointed out the call could be proven by phone records the Vet admitted to calling but still denied saying anything about bleeding. The wife's position is she wrote down what she was told so she knows it wasn't a misunderstanding. After months of investigation the bird deaths were ruled inconclusive. The state tested for everything except radiation.

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