Monday, June 13, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Live Camera Shows Huge Smoke/Steam Enveloping the Reactor Buildings

Steady streams of smoke/steam out of the Reactors 3 and 4 suddenly started to engulf the entire reactor complex at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant. It is the TEPCO's live camera footage after 12AM JST on June 14. Watch after 2:00. (h/t whomeco)

Something bad is happening there that we aren't told of.


Anonymous said...

Possibly just changing temperature/dewpoint as the night goes on, causing the steam to become more visible?

Anonymous said...

It just keeps getting worse by the minute.
We are so screwed, and we let it happen to all of us. We knew nuke power plants were bad, yet we did nothing to stop the PTB from building more and more. I'm not a rocket scientist but even I know you don't build a plant on a fault line or in a known tsunami zone. Reckless greed, and now we all get to pay. G-d protect the people closest to the zone and the rest of us as well. May our grand children (if there are any) forgive us. We were mislead by our leaders and we chose not to stop them.

Anonymous said...

"Possibly just changing temperature/dewpoint as the night goes on, causing the steam to become more visible?"

Normally I might agree, but notice the steam plums that begin to intensify at :46, 1:31, 1:36, and the large plum at 1:46 and the steam eruption at 2:12. After that point the area is drenched in steam. The dew point will not change that rapidly.

netudiant said...

The water in the spent fuel pool of the #4 reactor is not getting cooled as much as before because TEPCO is installing supports beneath the pool. If they squirt in more cold water from the top with the pumper, they spill radioactive water on the construction work.
So the pool is heating up, over 80 degrees C already last week and probably close to boiling now. That will sharply increase the volume of steam, especially so at night when the air is cooler.
The pools and reactors continue to emit radioactive decay products. The absence of any well documented disclosure as to the scale of these ongoing emissions is really unconscionable. Japan is being poisoned and the Japanese citizens are not allowed to know.

Anonymous said...

"Normally I might agree, but notice the steam plums that begin to intensify at :46, 1:31, 1:36, and the large plum at 1:46 and the steam eruption at 2:12. After that point the area is drenched in steam. The dew point will not change that rapidly."

Good observation. I think you're right... and that's not good.

Kim and Kame said...

I think you meant to type June 14 not June 24.just in case you didnt realize.
Thanks for all the updates and keeping us informed. Much more helpful than the main stream media. We are here in Kawasaki Kanagawa and dont even bother reading the papers now. We just look at your blog.

Anonymous said...

I'd normally agree that the steam is different, but have watched a few days of it, I think that it really is the steam/temperature/dewpoint interaction.

If we see a significant 'smoke/steam event' during the day, I'll stand corrected, but as yet, we haven't seen that.

Also worth noting that the TepCo MP-x readings have barely budged in a month. 400 µSv at the TepCo camera location / main building and 100 down to 30ish at the further out points.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@Kim and Kame, thank you, I corrected it, and thank you for reading my blog!

sydney vilen said...

Ask the experts. E-mail Gunderson, Kaku, Lochbaum, Wright, and the Japanese physicists whose names I can't remember -- ask them what they think this is.

It certainly doesn't look good. It certainly seems bad. E-mail and ask the experts! I have and am. I await replies, except for an auto I got from Gunderson saying they are on the road and not responding to E-s right now.

Anonymous said...

Remember also that this movie appears to be speeded up about 20 times, so the steam build-up was much slower, and the winds changed to be from the East (sea - cool/moist) about 3am.

The radiation on-site shows no change around the time in question, despite the apparent drama.

Also, the 'explosions' are just TepCo waving their spotlights around. You can see these point straight at the camera through the trees sometimes, and there's no mistaking them.

sydney vilen said...

Okay, anon at 8:57 pm, I'll take you comments for consideration and under advisement while awaiting replies form the experts.

Anonymous said...

The movie was sped up.
I don't think TECPO has had control of venting since the cores died. I've seen the fog roll in before. I'm sure that's what it was.

The only thing 'sinister' going on is the fact that TEPCO doesn't admit that they lost control on day one at Fukushima and haven't had it since. They were doing things on day two that would never have been allowed on any official emergency plan. The things they've done since would be punishable by death in some countries as a terrorist act. Dumping radioactive water into the ocean comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

This video comes from an archive of time-lapsed video from the Tepco feed, This video spans 1 hour, from midnight to 1am last night... they make one of these for every hour. Timelapses are important as you can see the larger cycles of whats going on at the plant. I've been watching them for some time now, and you can definitely begin to see patterns of behavior.

What I saw on this video is not only alarming but VERY different and much larger than the previous releases.

Great blog.

Anonymous said...

We're in a count-down. Either one or more of the cores will contact ground-water, which will likely be 'dramatic', or they will gradually cool down, and very slowly, nothing will happen, which is kinda where we are right now.

My guess is that cores 1 and 2 are out, and cooling, and/or very slowly ablating through the concrete, but that 3 is still mostly in the vessel with small parts cooling and heating, giving the dramatic temperature fluctuations we see on the running temperature charts from TepCo. 1 + 2 are showing steady cooling on the charts.

It'll be interesting to get a look in the basements if TepCo ever manage to get some fiberoptics and a robot in there. Hopefully this idea has occurred to them.

Anonymous said...

Last night I was reading update of Russian blogger who is clairvoyant and who predicted Fukushima 3 weeks before, he also predicted E coli in Germany, volcanoes and many others big events what happened and didn't happen yet.

After he predicted Fukushima he became very famous on Internet, personally me I'm reading his blog updates everyday.....and last night he predicted NEW nuclear explosion in Reactor 3 in Fukushima , then I open your site and see this video, I want he made mistake.....but..

Anonymous said...

He also mentioned that the smoke from new explosion won't go up, it will go to the side....

FigNewton said...

Well, one thing's for sure. We'll find out the truth in a couple months..

Did it stay like that all night? If so, my guess is fog.

nuckelchen said...

fukushima daiichi tepco live-st(r)eam 14. june 2011_BLOW-OUT_ALERT

fukushima daiichi livestream 13. june 2011

fukushima daiichi tepco live-st(r)eam 10. june 2011

Anonymous said...

You may want to check out these correlated measurements. It clearly shows a rise in values that correspond to the time of the video.

Lora Morgan said...

ANOTHER NUCLEAR EXPLOSION AT FUKUSHIMA ? I sent this video to fairewinds for analysis because it looks like mushroom and fire...

Lora Morgan said...

Youtube deleted my comments on this video and this happened for the first time with me, they deleted twice. Why would they do that ? I have freedom to write and know the truth. My husband is in Japan, in Tokyo and I want him to be safe. Are they concern that I'm panicking and talking about possible explosion, why ? Are they afraid that I scare people with no-facts comments, I guess there is something, painful truth we don't know yet....why youtube would delete my comments in this case ? I have freedom to write my thoughts on what I see. Are they controlled by Japanese government or nuclear industry ? I don't know...but for sure they didn't want my comments, means they are controlling, checking and watching me out...let them be, but I won't stay silent...

Anonymous said...

It looks like fire because of the time lapse, but it seems just steam.

Anonymous said...

I posted a news on my Twitter where this same incident happened two or three days ago. During night, exact same hours.
I think it's fog from the ocean plus a massive release of radioactive steam from reacto #4 nuclear "spent" fuel rods. They are not spent infact they were inside the reactor just before the Tohoku massive earthquake and tsunami of 11 March.

Obviously TEPCO is trying to cover up as usual, and maybe also Japanese government. NHK did not report of these strange emissions as yet. It reminds me of the emissions on the game STALKER.

Anonymous said...

Sigh. Much as I think Fukushima is an utter disaster, and ultimately the end for nuclear power worldwide, still this video sequence looks to me just like a fog bank rolling in off the sea.
As the air gets cooler and more saturated, the steam from the ruins appears heavier. But it's still localized. Then there's a wave of fog enveloping the entire site. This _is_ right next to the ocean don't forget.
As for the flashes... just vehicle headlights and spotlights. Not recognising fog is bad enough, but mistaking these lights for explosions is really stupid.

If you want something to panic about, take the Unit 1 drywell radiation levels. Intermittent recriticalities, ongoing and getting worse. Not good at all.!_Fukushima_nuclear_disaster_info.txt

TerraHertz (trying anonymous posting, Blogger invariably fails to accept any of my profiles when I try it that way)

Anonymous said...

I think that is not the same video I watched yesterday (is it a different one). Here is the one:

At this one you can see an explosion at sec.16,17 & 18

John said...

Like others, I am waiting for the experts to comment. Particularly since I had already decided that if building 4 collapsed or if there were an explosion at building 4 I would hightail it to Narita airport. The problem is that Tepco, government officials, and MSM have proven themselves to be untrustworthy so all we have is speculation on what the video represents. I have closed myself into my apartment with windows sealed and no air conditioning waiting for an alternative expert to sound off on the matter.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, this is the real video (has it been changed? I can not understand). You can see a flash light around reactor 4 at secs 16,17 & 18.

Anonymous said...

What was your comment ?

As for your husband.... you should already know that he's facing radiation/contamination.

No need the japanese government for that (or any public authorities for that matter).

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous at June 14, 2011 4:17 AM:
it's a time lapse video and those are lights from vehicles, you nit.

Things are bad enough without morons going OOOH and AAAAHH at every gout of steam.

Yes, there are three reactors and four spent fuel pools that are open to the atmosphere.

Yes, radioactive steam is coming out of all of them, all the time. Sometimes you see it, sometimes you don't, but it's there and it will be there for a long long time (months, at the very least).

No, nothing new has blown up. Sheesh.

Nancy said...

I watched this steam event take place. It was different than other ones. The amount of steam coming out of #4 was very different than other days. It was 64c during this event so it wasn't extremely cold but the dew point was high. The time of day and weather have something to do with it but not the whole answer. Many of these steam events happen before an earthquake in the area. Not sure why they happen before but it could be key to determining what is happening. There are also noticeable tiny flashes during these steam events. Various people have suggested either ionizing radiation or radiation messing with the ccd in the digital camera. This seems to happen when there are steam events and less or not at all during the rest of the night.

Anonymous said...

"Yes, radioactive steam is coming out of all of them, all the time. Sometimes you see it, sometimes you don't"

You're wrong.

2 pictures taken today, with Tepco and JNN cameras. 3h50 PM and 4 PM.

Sunny day. Not cold temperatures.

Smoke not steam... For a few minutes. Hard to believe that the air temperature changes so quickly.

So how do you "read" that ?

Anonymous said...

There is a good chance that these are the "new normal", 24/7 emissions that only become visible at certain air temperature or humidity conditions. Which is also why Tepco might not comment - because it is "normal".

Anonymous said...

They are also the old normal emissions. Again, four open pools, three reactors with breaches in containment. This has been the situation ever since the explosions.

That the chicken littles of this world have short memories does not change it any.

Even TEPCO has stated clearly at the beginning of the crisis that barring new massive emissions, they will cease to report new incidents of radioactive release and that the gov't should consider the already-reported incident is ongoing until they state otherwise.

Apolline said...

@ Im777,
Please, would you give me a link about russian blogger who predicts ?
Thank you.

(I dont know what to write on my french blog about this vidéo...)

Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

OK I was talking to friend last night about all the internal over exposures that are starting to come to light at Fukushima. My buddy brought up an interesting fact that had slipped my mind. Humidity is a huge factor in the respirator phenomena known as "breakthrough". You see depending on the environment a filter's efficiency can be adversely impacted once a filter has captured a certain amount particulate it becomes saturated and it starts to facilitate particulate bypass. This is why the people going inside the steamy buildings used self contained breathing apparatus.

This video shows the abnormally high moisture content found around the facility. While I can agree the high visibility of this steam is probably due to atmospheric conditions this wasn't a ocean fog. If it was it would have obscured the the camera's view of the facility. This video is pretty obvious that the facility is a vector for very high humidity and low respirator efficiency. This in conjunction with poorly fitted safety equipment is a major hazard for future operations.

Anonymous said...

"wasn't an ocean fog. If it was it would have obscured the the camera's view of the facility."
Oh good grief. What, all fogs are completely opaque? This stupidity is getting really annoying. I take it you don't live anywhere near a large body of water?
Btw, the degree to which evaporated water (invisible) forms water droplets (mist aka steam) depends both on temperature AND the amount of water already in the air. And yes, either one can vary rapidly, over short times and distances. Or hadn't you noticed that clouds can have sharply defined edges?


Anonymous said...

@TerraHertz (06.14.2011; 09:33):
Yes, one times I was on the sea for fishing. And then came a "wall" of fog or rain. But this wall didn´t stop at my boat - I was in.
Why did "your" fog stop before the camera?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, game over! These plants don't "burn" they only melt. Stainless steel, plutonium, and concrete don't catch fire easily! :)

What words aren't telling us, our eyes understand all too well!

These idiots are doing nothing more than busy work. The tragedy has grown worst by a magnitude of 1000. Pouring water on this is only prolonging the inevitable conclusion. Screwed! But, we got to watch our sports teams on big flat screen TVs!

They think that they can put out a power that is as deadly as the Sun....obviously THEY have been exposed to too much radiation! Their brains are mush!

I can't wait until the three+ cores start going China Syndrome into the ground! History in the making....I'm glad to have the opportunity to see it!

moonkai said...

ok ... fog it maybe ... however, if it is fog, can anyone tell me why it stops over the reactors and does not reach the camera ??? Why would it stop before the cam ? Given the thickness and the amount of it, I would assume it would continue its trajectory more inland. Anyone ?

Anonymous said...

Its G.E. Hitachi/Nuclear Corporations fault, they knew back in 1970's, when 3 Engineers resigned from G.E. Nuclear, when they felt, with 1 breech in Cooling System of BWR Nuclear Reactor Design would cause a catastrophic meltdown or worse. G.E. knew about problem and let design continue, which was used in TEPCO Nuclear BWR Plants. G.E. should be sued the hell out of.

Anonymous said...

It's ocean fog rolling in from the sea. If you pay attention you can see that it comes in as a 'wall' of fog. There is no source coming from the plant and expanding outward from one location.

Anonymous said...

Sure Im777,

Here is his blog:

It is in Russian, but maybe you can translate in Google. His name is Artem Dragunov.

He is like Nostradamus, writing in special ways, and sometimes predicts several events at the same time.

Regarding his prediction about explosion, he said it isin Reactor 3, and "active zone of radiation "( sorry, but I translate it directly ) will affect zone up to 1,000 km, what is I think is already China or Korea, I don't know.

He also writes many times that all children should be evacuated from Tokyo, and after explosion in Reactor 3 no-entry zone ( means unhibital for human) will become 100km.

He said that there are 12 reactors are leaking, and 3 or 4 more nuclear plants are damaged in Japan. In 3 Reactors melt through, but in One Reactor is meltdown happened at half ( I don't know which one, he didn't say and it is not in the news ).

So it is really very dramatic and scary what he predicted and predicts about Fukushima.

Anonymous said...

Remember the IR images, there where several small "blobs" spreading under the reactor building, and a major in a area between reac.4 and the Spent fuel pool. And hitt the groundwater.
Its already underground and fissioning.

Why are we not seeing any IR or UV images, mutsh more reaviling, this images are almoust useless.
Why all this 60s tec, we are in a age where this is infact riddicilus. And I am 100% certian that there are, but to give it to the public in times like this is chriminal behavior and neglect.

Apolline said...

Thanks Im777 for the link to Artem Dragunov. It's difficult to understand from russian to french with translator google, but never mind, it is in my bookmarks.
Here in France, it is 11:05 pm, I go to bed. Good evening.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Apparently there were and probably still are many, many video cams throughout the plant and inside the buildings.

I can't blame TEPCO that much these days. They are doing what they are told by the government, not much choice, and this particular administration seems to be made up of self-appointed nuclear experts.

Anonymous said...

How about fog rolling in off the ocean?

Anonymous said...

The molten fuel is getting close to the ground water? Or hit the groundwater. The more stuff that gets melted in with it, the more dilute the fuel will become. There might not be the explosion many expect when it hits the ground water. Just a guess. It's more or less what happened at Chernobyl. Though I don't think the melt hit groundwater there...

Anonymous said...

lm777, could you please send more information of that Russian blogger? Tried to search it but couldn't find anything (maybe it's only in Russian?)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a vertical column and then I am not sure what rolls in.

Someone said it looked like a nuclear explosion, and were forwarding to Arnie Gunderson.....looking forward to Arnie's take on the seemingly strange happening.

Woop says: hang in there, people of Japan, millions of us are praying for you.

Anonymous said...

the on shore breeze causes the relative humidity to gradually increase. The ever present "breath" of fuki starts to show more and more until a low cloud/fog bank rolls in.

Anonymous said...

Those who started the "fire" will be dead and gone before we get our hands around their throats. "Clean Nuclear Energy" what a joke! Tesla was hushed by the money men, and so were those like Stan Meyer, who honestly tried to bring in alternative energy/cold fusion etc. We need to rise up now, and demand all of the nuclear power plants in this world be shut down immediately!

Anonymous said...

the nuclear industry keeps everything secret. For this reason we can't trust it and because we can't trust it, we can't continue with nuclear power. It has a total lack of respect in humans. Until this changes, no nuclear power, please. Several years after a much smaler accident, kept secret, my friends family lost 5 persons from cancer, they lived near Fukushima.

Anonymous said...

G.E. should be held accountable!! they rape our future for profit. They don't even pay
taxes, they are monsters!!

What most of these defective G.E.nuke plants produce are weapons.
Will our children forgive us for the destruction of their future?

Anonymous said...

To top this off were getting ready to lose another plant. flooding in the mid west is overtaking a nuke plant in Nebraska. theres no end in sight for the floods either.god only knows how many reactors are in danger of meltdown over there. big fun ahead.

Anonymous said...

Since I do not live near a large body of water I will defer to the poster who claims this is a fog bank. We are still in a world of possible trouble with the flooding around the Fort Calhoun plant near Omaha Nebraska especially since the failure of levees in the region. Pacifica Radio had a report on the flooding this evening and a local television station show the extent of the rising waters around the plant. One telling remark was the "inland tsunami" reference. We may have finally "cooked our proverbial goose" this time...and the goose is us.

Anonymous said...

Commercial pilot here, for over twenty years.

This is not natural fog imho. Fog is a form of precip however, and can be caused by the temp and dew point coming within a couple of degrees of each other. I note from the video that the appearance of the sky obscuration (which is highlighted by industrial lighting) occurs exactly after clear steam/smoke emissions increase their venting from the melted down reactor. Smog/Fog can form (condense) on smoke particles as well.

This close to the ocean, it's common for industrial systems to produce fog. For example, the air conditioning "Packs" we use on jets frequently make it impossible to see the cockpit gauges in the tropics if the water bag is not installed/maintained correctly. Wings often produce fog on the upper sides as the air increases speed and reduces temperature at that locality.

It is my opinion that this is probably radioactive fog produced by the "lava" (melted fuel pellets and whatever else they consumed like Stainless Steel) hitting the water table and resulting in underground steam explosions that we can't see or hear on this video. However, gentlemen all, if you want to verify it, the Seismic recordings put out by the USGS website should show small earthquakes with a depth of zero, or fifty feet.

Humanity will be lucky to survive this disaster imho.


nines said...

I have lived right on the coast for 25 years. The fog does not come up from the surf level. It will "roll in" in a manner something like the fog falling forward from the top of the fog bank and descending onto things. It isn't like mist rising from a field, not like tule fog. The video quality is SO poor, no one can say for certain off the video alone. And when you realize this is an hour sped up into three minutes, it looks less like another criticality, but not completely like just fog rolling in either. It COULD be a coincidence that the fog stopped just shy of the camera in that few minutes at the end. When you are up a hundred feet or so from the surf level, fingers of fog will come and go in an instant — from crystal clear to blinding to crystal clear, fwoosh — but they come from straight across or from above, not from below.

And it really looked as though a lot of that was coming from below the reactor units.

Lora Morgan said...

Thanks ALL for your comments, today my Japanese husband who is in Tokyo finally decided to leave his job and leave Japan, it was very hard decision for him, to let go of his current job, his country where he was born and to start from the scratch.
For the information, I already sent the video to Mr. Gundersen of Fairewinds, and we need to wait until June 22nd.

This the confirmation of their auto response:

Thank you for contacting Fairewinds Associates. We are out of the office until June 22nd, and will only be sporadically responding to emails.

We are presenting at two venues in Plymouth, MA and Boston, MA.

June 16th, 2011 (6pm-8pm)
Boston Presentation
Boston Public Library

Anonymous said...

L'amateur de thé dit...
What a Wonderfull Piece of Cinematography ! It has to be recorded for art history - after all, there might still be a few humanoids living quite OK in 50 or 100 years or so.
The Night. Black and White. Some human-made lightings on the tragic scene, slighly flickering in the Dark. Fumes roll up in the air from the Inferno. The Beast is there, no doubt. Nothing happens. Just the fear growing, growing. Waiting. Pure suspension of time. And the fumes rolling. Anxiety spikes !
But wait - ouch ! It comes ! Oh NO ! Aaaaaaah ! The Devil ! The Horror ! Armagedon Now ! Awwwwwwwwwwwwww.

(But I'm seriously concerned about all these rads spreading...)

Lora Morgan said...

I already sent the letter and video to Mr. and Miss Gundersen of Fairewinds and I received the following auto response:

Thank you for contacting Fairewinds Associates. We are out of the office until June 22nd, and will only be sporadically responding to emails.

We are presenting at two venues in Plymouth, MA and Boston, MA.

June 16th, 2011 (6pm-8pm)
Boston Presentation
Boston Public Library

We need to wait until June 22nd

Anonymous said...

Sorry, my comments were not very clear yesterday.

I watched the smoke video on a different web page. At the video you could see a flash or explosion on seconds 15-18 of the time lapse.
When I watched the video here, it looked like the same video but the flash had dissapeared, only the smoke from minute 2 could be seen.
Then, I went to the other web, copied the URL and pasted it here:

But still I could not see the flashes at secs 15-18 on this copy.

Then I went to the other web page and copied using the "copy video URL at current time" option. This is the video:

You can see the flash at this video. I don't understand why this is happening. Is this my computer mistake or has the video been manipulated?


Anonymous said...

someone made a post about 40 minutes ago, possibly having some realization the video could have possibly been altered, posting links. I refreshed the page and his comment is now gone?? DUN DUN DUNN

Anonymous said...

To anonymous June 15,2011 4:34 AM

It was my comment, I can not find it either. I can post it again if necesary.

Anonymous said...

Here's your prevailing wind patterns,

The camera view has #1 on the left, next #2 w/building intact, #3 , and #4 on right and furthest from the camera.

Correct me if wrong,
looking from the ocean, #1 is on left and is therefore the most southern of the reactors. The camera is therefore pointing north.

Fog encroaching from the north with those wind patterns?

Anonymous said...

Somebody asked me to post information on Russian clairvoyant Artem Dragunov, here is his site:

He is soooooooooooo true about predictions, my hair are standing up. Just few days ago he predicted this, it is in the news:

There is not yet new information yet on Fukushima...

Anonymous said...

More about TEPCO's livecam manipuulation:

Lora Morgan said...

Here is video where we can see small explosion clearly....June, 16th

Steve Keen said...

The environmental collapse is happening at a rapid rate. Most Japanese citizens live in a economic and environmental situation they neither comprehend nor gain from. The reality is they sow the seeds of their own downfall by building dangerous reactors and now radiation across the world has risen to levels worse than it has ever been. Governments have a woeful record in providing safe nuclear.
Steve Keen.
Property Bubble Forum

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