Wednesday, July 13, 2011

#Radiation in Japan: As It Is Being Spread Almost Willfully, The Country Is Getting Unhinged

I have a distinct feeling that Japan is getting totally unhinged.

Consider these news summaries. Consider them together. Do they make sense to you? Yes they do, don't they? The combined message is this: Let's all rejoice in the radiation, it's good for you and your children. If we all have it everywhere, millions of becquerels of it, that's only fair and equitable.

  • 4,320 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium found from the beef from Minami Soma City, Fukushima: the cattle farm that shipped cows found with radioactive cesium far exceeding the already loose provisional safety limit of 500 becquerels/kg is located in the "emergency evacuation-ready zone" - not even "the planned evacuation zone" or plain "evacuation zone", both of which do exist in Minami Soma City. (Various posts at this blog)

  • The PM assistant and the current Minister in charge of the nuclear accident at Fukushima I Nuke Plant Goshi Hosono is going to announce the abolition of the "emergency evacuation-ready zone", because "the 1st step in TEPCO's "roadmap" has been mostly successfully implemented".

  • Fukushima Prefecture has announced it will shut down the official shelters within Fukushima, which will force the evacuees to go back to their own homes.

  • Minami-Soma City has issued a notice to all 32,000 city residents who have been living in the shelters, temporary housing outside Fukushima Prefecture that they must return to Minami-Soma, high radiation or not. (Mainichi Yamagata version, 7/12/2011)

  • The national government will spend 100 billion yen (US$1.26 billion) to observe the health of 2 million Fukushima residents for 30 years, instead of evacuating them ASAP. About 1600 yen (US$20) per year per resident. Life is cheap. Since the national government is utterly broke, it will be ultimately paid for by the taxpayers of Japan.
    Remember, Dr. Shunichi Yamashita will be the vice president of the Fukushima Medical University who will do the observation and research.

  • Matsudo City in Chiba Prefecture found 47,400 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium in the ashes from the city's garbage incinerator, but the city simply mixed with other ashes with low radiation to bring the final number to 5,660 becquerels/kg. Since the final mixed ashes measured LOWER than the provisional limit for burying the ashes (8,000 becquerels/kg), the city already buried the ashes and will continue to do so. (Mainichi Chiba version, 7/13/2011)

  • On the other hand, Nagareyama City in Chiba Prefecture simply sent 30 tonnes of its radioactive ashes (27,000 becquerels/kg) from its incinerator by cargo train to Odate City in Akita Prefecture in Tohoku. Nagareyama City has a contract with a private waste disposal company in Odate City in Akita. This waste disposal company is not a nuclear waste disposal company; as far as I could tell from the description of the company, it is just a regular waste disposal company. (Sponichi, 7/12/2011)

By the way, Matsudo City in Chiba is simply doing what the Ministry of the Environment has decided - mix and match. If the garbage or debris is likely to exceed the 8,000 becquerels/kg limit, burn with other stuff and lower the number. If it's already in ashes, mix them up with lower radiation ashes. When the Ministry of the Environment decided this policy, the Minister was Ryu Matsumoto, who's now in hospital after resigning from his post as the Minister of Recovery and Reconstruction.

Fast and furious. Shock and awe. I think most people in Japan still cannot fathom how their elected officials and government workers with high education from distinguished schools (Tokyo University, Kyoto University, Oxford University...) could do such things to them. Better wake up really, very quickly.

People say that the Japanese are law-abiding citizens. The Japanese say that to themselves. The truth, as has been slowly revealed over the past 4 months, is that they are followers of the arbitrary and capricious orders, as long as the orders are given to them from the government sources. Never mind if those orders are very much counter to the law itself or the natural law or the common sense.


Anonymous said...


I dare you to make an open plea for help from the SDF.

It may be the only way to save Japan. Now we know what happens to a densely populated area around a nuclear disaster. A half a million people should have been evacuated in the first three days after the earthquake. With what the government and TEPCO knew, it should have been done. They didn't because it would make them liable RIGHT AWAY. Compensation to half a million people. Instead, they're going to wait for people to get sick. By then, they'll be out of office and living out of the country. Untouchable.

Why wait, SDF. Arrest Kan and the cabinet, the top executives of TEPCO and start taking positive action. Radiation checkpoints on all transportation routes, mass movement of people in the effected areas. Commandeer goods and services to house them. Maybe in a decade or two, Japan might be ready for democracy again... it doesn't deserve it now.

SDF GO! Save your people. It's what you are for!



Anonymous said...

They like memorials. Let them build some new ones that remind them anew of the horrors of nukes - like they did in the years that followed the Americans blasting them into submission because they could not surrender - they had to save face. Except this time they nuked themselves and have no one to blame except themselves. They started WW II and slaughtered millions - ask the Chinese. Now they slaughter themselves. I begin to believe in karma.

xanteacher said...

The average citizen doesn't want radiation anywhere near them. The citizenry is beholden to corporate interests and a government that is similarly steered by cold, financial interests.

Ex-skf: you are doing a great job and I feel for you as much as I feel for myself as a resident in Japan. We made the decision to leave the country in a controlled evacuation -- within a year, while changing our daily life habits and the way we shop/eat food. But it is very surreal, as for many, the reality has yet to dawn on them; with no visible changes, the risks are ignored: willful self-deception which plays into the hands of the ruling elite and bureaucrats. It is sad, but all these years of luxurious complacency are an ill-preparation for what is in store. . .

Keep up the great blog - it is one of a kind and HIGHLY appreciated.

nika said...

i wonder if they have stopped reporting infant mortality figures and other epidemiological data within japan... any way you can see if its available?

Anonymous said...

Remember the mad cow disease infected cow crises? The risk for the Japanese population was far far less than the risks from the radionuclides of Fukushima. The scale of the risk is completely different.
But Japan was so keen to eliminate 100% the risks for people back then. Now, for the risk of contracting a disease from contamination due to Fukushima, it is the very opposite. 99% tolerance because their friends are involved.
And no mention by NHK that infant sudden death rates in US or BC in Canada have increased to between 38% and 50%.

Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

Blending down contamination doesn't do anything but make the officials in charge feel like they did something. This material is very long lived and water soluble it will just reaccumulate in the general environment and water table over the years and decades and centuries it will exist. If this material isn't properly $$$sequestered$$$ it will just continually reappear in the most inopportune moments and places. There is a reason why we don't dump nuclear waste into the environment. If this was really an OK disposal method the nuclear industry wouldn't be forced to control the release of these materials.

Any "health" monitoring system setup by officials will only be used to discredit independent investigations. This will happen regardless of the fact that the official "health" study is a paltry $20 a year per victim PR program. $20 a year wouldn't buy a bottle of aspirin at hospital prices. The ABCC's rosy WWII dose estimates were set straight by independent (and at the time illegal) Japanese researchers but these men were never hailed as heroes and their research was co-opted by the ABCC as if it were their own.

As for the beef and the claims of how safe it is at the elevated levels. IIRC originally they claimed 500 Bq/kg was fine because it would take a year of consumption for it to become a issue now they are saying the same thing about meat 6 to who knows how many times as contaminated.

This is the never changing face of nuclear power everything is fine regardless of how screwed up it actually is because they say so. The next phase will be disassociating radiation as a factor in the future general ill-health of the local population. Unfortunately Japan (and most developed nations) have a history of hiding industrial health effects at the expense of the local population. The control the IAEA exerts over the WHO will ensure Japan will have little problem mitigating "baseless rumors" of negative health impacts. Like I said before the nuclear health industry is only concerned with radiation in regards to cancer they ignore the genetic damage chronic low level radiation exposure causes.

"ScienceDaily (May 27, 2011) — Ionizing radiation is not without danger to human populations. Indeed, exposure to nuclear radiation leads to an increase in male births relative to female births, according to a new study by Hagen Scherb and Kristina Voigt from the Helmholtz Zentrum München."

"Scherb and Voigt conclude: "Our results contribute to disproving the established and prevailing belief that radiation-induced hereditary effects have yet to be detected in human populations. We find strong evidence of an enhanced impairment of humankind's genetic pool by artificial ionizing radiation."

They have yet to be found because we really don't want to look, it's bad for business and the rich people who own them. Rich people aren't in the same boat as most of the general population when they win the nuclear malady lottery. They have the money to get the finest treatment in a timely manner. Money changes everything I doubt Magic Johnson would have survived contracting HIV if he worked at McDonalds.

Anonymous said...

There is a simple point here. People are worthless to business. If they are not using electrical power, they are not spending money. If they are not spending money, they are not profitable for the company. Thus, people are worthless to the company.

The workers are worthless, too! They are considered an expense. They affect the "bottomline" in a negative way. So, if the workers die from their work, TEPCO can write them off as a "loss." They become a tax break!

The clock just hit 12:00. Game over.

EA2 said...

I have no pity for People who are willing to shut their mouths just for Social order and PC. And that is what Japan is. Everything is about keeping harmony and not making waves, and "going with the flow". I used to live in Shima for about 6 Months. And that is all I ever heard from anyone. I suppose now, there is going to be a "number one" memorial and tomb of the entire population.


Anonymous said...

True, the Japanese always loved that "stay in your place," "follow orders," "do what everyone else is doing" routine. With what's going on there now, one could conclude that the old addage "only dead fish swim with the current" is in effect.

Anonymous said...

Passage Romans 1:22:

Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.....

The Risen People said...

Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

Given the radiation readings, the big amounts of radio-isotopes in soil, food and water and the long time people were already exposed to it, the majority will die from cancer sooner or later. And their children won't be any longer fit enough for survival.

There is no way to decontaminate Fukushima or Japan, except of waiting for a very long time.

So there is no point in 'waking up' or 'do something'. It's already to late for all this. You are dead.

Japan will economically collapse on this issue. Nobody will buy possible radioactive goods. Nobody will continue to eat food from japan.
Nobody will even visit japan.
Mass unemployment will be the result.

When the japanese will finally wake up, they first will kill the responsibles then the continue to kill each other for unpoisoned food and water and the remaining resources.

The health system will collapse due to increasing numbers of radiation-sickened people.

At the final end japan might even start the next world? war by moving out in a search for unpoisoned soil and a new place to life - before they all going to extinct on their radiating island.

BTW: The Soviets completed the cleanup and the sarkophag within few month. TEPCO not even started to do something useful and radiation will continue to raise until they will.

Anonymous said...

This has less to do with corporate liability and more to do with preservation of the backbone of Japanese and global civilization. The containment not of radiation, but of anarchy.

Corporations are business entities organized to avoid personal legal and financial responsibility. Share price is not the issue here. The issue here is that Japan as a nation state is dissolving into ruin.

Already exports are shunned, and the long evaporting business landscape... from the 1989 high in the Nikkei 225, to the two consecutive quarters in 2001 of official Depression... Japan is turning into a Third World war zone.

Toxic levels lethal to all life are spreading under, over and through the Japanese island with impunity. All remaining people will wake up and realize that they are dying, abandoned, amidst a storm of DNA mutations and cancer. They will riot and turn upon their Western-corrupted government at that time.

And hopefully after that very bloody, and very necessary, insurrection... they will once again come together, as example to our self-destructive and corrupt global leadership, under a flag of national self-sacrifice and social harmony that has always been their cultural identity.

The Japanese economy WAS one of the wealthiest in the world, ranked 2nd behind the USA until China surpassed it only a short time ago. When the second wealthiest nation falls into ruin, with the USA all along the 'last man standing'... and supported on increasingly worthless debt dollars as its government rats flee its sinking ship... then it is obvious to all the outcome that is spreading in all directions from Fukushima.

Erich Simon, MBA (and IIST graduate, Fujinomiya, Japan)

Anonymous said...

@Erich Simon:
Yes, the USA are bankrupt. They won't be able to pay their debts ever, nor they will get any more money. They failed with that last autumn already.

The USA will be next - either this autumn or when ever people realize that the USA will never pay back what the took and dollars are less worth than the paper it's printed on.

Then the US might be the 3rdWW starter - because the USA will just take what the can't buy anymore. And I don't expect the rest of the non-western world to stand-by and do nothing.

That's what the USA did all the time: Stealing, lying and living on costs of the rest of the world. I hope, the missouri flood will raise more and will bring fukushima 2.0 to the land of the free and all those Homer Simpson-alike morons there.

Anonymous said...

Nobody gives a shit anymore...

4 months... Anniversary. 11 march 2011, 11 july 2011.

Nothing in the medias.

We have DSK, Lybia, "debt ceiling" in the US, rating agencies, euro panic, tits and boobs.

"Mission accomplished", like a clown once said...

The japanese government is saying exactly the same.

One advice : just go on a vacations... Wait let's say 5 months... Then start again your blog. Then we will start to see the first "premature newborn", babies with health problems etc.

Then, the scandal will likely to "start" again.

Unless of course, the building 3 collapse before (earthquake or hurricane), or there is another explosion. Something visual.

That's the sad truth. Human have very short term memory. And an obsession to forget unpleasant things.

Therefore, in a way, we don't deserve your work.

When the japanese people will start to suffer in their flesh... then the story will burn again.

Until then, you are losing a precious time.


Anonymous said...

I am still in a state of shock. I left my life of 15 years and career in Tokyo due to what has transpired in Fukushima. Since getting back to North America the people here are barely aware of what has happened. They do not even understand what the big deal is and why I was so stressed and needed to leave immediately.

Now reading this information about the willful spread of contaminated food simply affirms my heartbreaking decision to leave. I knew, from the instant I saw the first reactor blow on TV (03/12), that this would be the eventuality. This is why, in addition to the immediate risk due to the airborne fallout, I knew I had to take my family and leave. I was keenly aware of all the past food mislabeling (country of origin, expiration dates, etc) scandals and knew that they would do the same with contaminated food.

I was, however, shocked at the scale of it. The fact that they are pushing Fukushima food to "support the farmers" is so insane that I cannot believe it. Further more, the fact that people actually purchase such product to support them is very depressing as I now feel the Japanese are more naive (to the point of stupid) than I ever thought. Note: I am of Japanese descent.

The brainwashing that has taken place in Japan since this occurred is unforgivable and inhumane. I sincerely hope that the people of Japan rise up and take power away from the corrupt bastards that are running the country now. Those in power should be executed for their crimes against Japan and the world.

One of the most beautiful countries in the world with some of the best people on this planet is being destroyed right before our eyes and the world could care less. Even many in Japan are blissfully unaware of what is happening right now.

Anonymous said...

company soldiers live and die for their company. This is still the most admired behavior in Japan. As if giving yourself for your company is smart. Samurai, Kami Kaze, history repeats it self even when for mass suicide. I prefer to say Genocide, because of few rotten ones are leading the others into this nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Glow Now, Pray Later...
Good Luck, my Japanese friends, for you shall surely need it!!!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 2:44,

".. and the world could care less. "

No, the world is watching this,

"company soldiers live and die for their company. This is still the most admired behavior in Japan."

Corporate responsibility, corporate problem.

SDF ? bah, not a word has been heard from them.

They take orders.

Anonymous said...

You mean "and the world COUDN'T care less.", because apparently it could.

Lisa said...

Hi, thank you for your post, great summation, and blog. I will link up to it. I found you through a comment at

I have a little at my site about Tina Tajima & my cousin, DJ Joey Slick, who live in Japan and have been doing what they can to educate and raise awareness about what's happening. Updates are sporadic, though, and I can only imagine the stress to be dealt w/over in Japan.

Guy Fox said...

Where there is no insight, the people perish! No matter what officall-dumb says, all of Northern Japan will have to be eventually abandoned for the next ten thousand Earth years. Maybe all of Japan. The Fukushima catastrophe is an EXTINCTION LEVEL event. Denial will not change this reality. Fukushima cannot be fixed. There are only the consequences of greed and stupidity and utter insanity... born from the extreme EVIL of nuclear fission technology.

Tim said...

Excellent blog post. As an American, I remember how back the 1980s the business schools were teaching that the Japan model was the one to emulate.

I hope that the criminals in the Japanese government and at TEPCO understand that their actions have provided an entirely new way in which the world views your country's government and industry.

These words spring to mind: incompetent, corrupt, bumbling, ineffective, absurd, secretive, and yes, criminal.

My heart and love is with the Japanese PEOPLE.

apeman2502 said...

I can't believe the wizards who built and marketted Japanese autos, cameras, electronics, ceramic and other arts have shit for brains when it comes to radioactivity and containment creation for the Fukushima mess. I am going into a study of the Japanese political system and hope to find a satisfactory and positive productive answer.

We have a satanic lame brained group of psychopaths in charge in this country as well. The foreign power sympathizers called the Council on Foreign Relations, CIA and the Bush crowd have been stacking the vote while most of America's people mewl and pout or pose. Maybe the CIA messed with the Japanese vote as well. This containment process lacks the ring of truth in its statement that 20 years will be required. I'll bet that the CIA stacked the Japan voting for the New World Order of old world slave mongers and pedomaniacs.

Anonymous said...

Mix and match - that sounds alot like what the banks did with housing loans, and look where that got us. It seem that truth is no longer the accepted norm - if you don't lie, then you will never get ahead. Sad, huh.

Anonymous said...

tepco and the japanese officials should jump over the reactors , d amazing spa,, nice glowing super hot spring ... all DIE... they should DIE !!!! time will come that hospitals will be overloaded, quack and real doctors will be must busy and the funerals will be fully booked...japanese people: wake up!!!! we don`t wanna die in pain...

Anonymous said...

Everybody in Japan should just refuse to pay their electricity bills and crush TEPCO where it hurts them most... in the pocketbook.

Start A Dollar Store said...

I love your blog! Happy New Year!

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