Monday, July 11, 2011

#Radioactive Beef from Fukushima Update: Already Been Sold in At Least 9 (not 5) Prefectures

Beef from 6 cows from the same cattle farmer in Minami Soma City in Fukushima Prefecture have already been sold at least in 9 (not 5) prefectures, according to Mainichi Shinbun Japanese latest update (1:28AM, 7/12/2011).

Unlike the 11 cows whose meat all tested cesium exceeding the provisional limit of 500 becquerels/kg, the meat from these 6 cows had never been tested and allowed to circulate in the market.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is in charge of testing live cattle, and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is in charge of testing meat. They do not talk with each other.

And as usual, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare assures us that "it won't affect health unless you eat it on a continuous basis." The Ministry conveniently forgets that the radiation is everywhere - air, soil, water, sludge, garbage, tea, vegetables, fish, meat. If people can just eat this contaminated beef and not breathe, not eat and drink anything else, it still may not be "safe".

From Mainichi Shinbun latest update:

  • The beef has been confirmed sold in: Hokkaido, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Shizuoka, Aichi, Osaka, Tokushima, Kochi.

  • Not confirmed: Ehime

福島県南相馬市の畜産農家が出荷した黒毛和牛11頭から暫定規制値(1キロ当たり500ベクレル)を超える放射性セシウムが検出された問題で、同じ 農家が出荷した別の6頭の牛肉が5都府県の食肉販売・卸売業者に販売されていたことが東京都の調査で分かった。さらに少なくとも9都道府県に流通し、 148キロ以上が小売店などで売られたが、厚生労働省は「継続的に大量摂取しなければ健康に影響はない」としている。

It was discovered by the Tokyo Metropolitan government that the meat from 6 cows sold by the same cattle farmer earlier had been sold to wholesalers and retailers in 5 prefectures. Further, it had been in the market in additional 4 prefectures (total of 9 prefectures). Over 148 kilograms of meat have been sold. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare says, "There is no effect on health unless it is consumed continuously in large quantities."

 静岡市保健所は11日、市内の業者が27.8キロの肉を仕入れ、残っていた肉から1キロ当たり1998ベクレルの放射性セシウムを検出したと発 表。一部は飲食店などで客に出されたという。東京都によると、都内の卸売業者が保管していた肉から、最大で暫定規制値の6.8倍に当たる3400ベクレル が検出された。

The Shizuoka City Public Health Center announced on July 11 that 1,998 becquerels/kg cesium was found in the meat purchased by a wholesaler in the city, who purchased 27.8 kilogram of this beef. Part of the meat has already been served to customers in restaurants. The Tokyo Municipal government detected 3,400 becquerels/kg cesium from the meat that a wholesaler in Tokyo had kept. That is 6.8 times the provisional safety limit of 500 becquerels/kg.

 大阪府も11日、2頭分の肉が府内を中心に流通していたと発表。うち数キロ分が贈答用として消費された可能性があるという。横浜市では小売店で 52キロ分が販売された。愛媛県によると、17.6キロ分が県内の業者を通じて高知、徳島両県のスーパーに送られ、販売されたという。愛媛県内での流通は 確認されていない。

The Osaka government also announced on July 11 that the meat from 2 cows from the cattle farmer had been sold, mostly within Osaka. Several kilograms of the meat had been given as gifts and probably been consumed already. In Yokohama City in Kanagawa Prefecture, 52 kilogram of this meat was sold in retail stores. According to the Ehime government, a wholesaler in Ehime sold 17.6 kilograms of the meat to supermarkets in Kochi and Tokushima Prefectures, who then sold the meat to consumers. It is not known whether any has been sold within Ehime Prefecture.


doitujin said...

but how much irradiated food is out there unreported?
i get paranoid every time i need to go to the supermarket lately... somehow like a horror movie.

Anonymous said...

The Japanese Government looks at it like this; if it doesn't kill them in a week or two after eating it then it's safe !

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@doitsujin, one poster said that Daiei supermarket clearly shows where the product was grown, whether it's meat, fish or vegetables. Watch out for milk, there's some new report (rumor if you like) that they've been doing the mixing and matching.

A person in Yokohama left a message on my Japanese blog saying school children in Yokohama public schools have been fed Fukushima beef. Upon this news, apparently the authorities have said they will switch to pork, as if that's safe.

doitujin said...

@arevamirpal::laprimavera, thank you very much! i already stopped drinking milk and try to only use produces from the west, but i guess this also means, eating cheese etc. is kind of the worst one could do from now on in general?

and what the schools are doing to this country's kids is just a huge scandal... as if it would be impossible to take some precautions and destroying even the last bit of confidence wouldn't mean a thing... currently there are so many smaller and larger crimes going on here when it comes to radioactive contamination, it's feeling surreal.

Anonymous said...

Its living in a parralel universe, everything looks like always, but the tranqility and peace in that picture is false.
Its probably harder and harder to maintain the images of a radioacty inviroment, and also maintain the gravnes in this situation and causion against fallout.
Be viligant and dont fall asleep, because the danger is there and the prospects are, wurse.

Scearmongering, jup, you may cal it whatever you want, but reality and history is mercyless.
This wil afect us all, everywhere soner or later, its just a mater of time.

This handling is going from bad to even wurse, and now beyound them to something sickening and gives me physical pain, to read.

And what about the future, next years, two years from now, and then what, Japan.

Anonymous said...

And as usual, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare assures us that "it won't affect health unless you eat it on a continuous basis."
Yes, and they might as well say "Oh and we will make it as difficult as possible for you to know which foods are radioactive so it will be impossible for you to know if you are eating it on a continuous basis. We will make it impossible for to protect yourself at all and then we'll taunt you for being irrational if you even try."

Anonymous said...

That farmer should be prosecuted.

areyoume said...

@anon at 5:02
I don't think this farmer is solely to blame. I'm pretty sure the inspectors did a sloppy job. Their procedure to check the internal irradiation is simply to ask farmers whether they use feed kept outside or not, or something like that. They don't even actually confirm whether the farmers' claims are true.

So, this shouldn't be the first case. It's the first case where cesium in the meat was detected, but I guess there have been many cases like this in the past.

Anonymous said...

A little advice about radiation.
First of all eat lower on the food chain. Radiation bio accumulates. Forget about meat, fish, milk and cheese entirely.
Get and use a hepa air filter in your home, a hepa vacuum cleaner is a good idea too. Keep all of the windows closed but it gets very stuffy so the windows must be opened. I use paper furnace filters taped to the window screens to keep dust out. Radioactive particles readily attach to dust so keeping the dust out reduces exposure.
Next comes water, here in Colorado the water company will not test for radiation choosing to rely on the state and the feds who do test the water but the results are secret. The tap water here is rain and snow melt that makes my antique Geiger counter click. I have to assume the worst. I would not drink the tap water here for $100.00 a glass.
I have put together an eleven stage water filter/RO system using zeolite, activated charcoal, carbon blocks, DI resins and so forth. I feel better about drinking the water having done everything I possibly can.
There is no way to eliminate all of the risks but we can do a number of things to minimize our exposure.
It looks as if we are on our own and no help is coming so learn to take care of yourself. There are many more disasters on the way so be prepared.
Hope this helps.
Bob in Colorado

jay said...

Japan by American designers and engineers. Three eye babies without brains and heart outside o the body wil follow. Radiation is good for you. Test the Koi and carp as an algae eater with fat content will give very high reading. Eat lots of seaweed and rice then youl turn a tinge of blue. Its the fad color these day but wait because yellow and blue make green. Green Japanese people, I'll take three.

Anonymous said...

If cattle are radioactive, it follows some of the humans are, too. Yes?

Keith in hot Boston

Anonymous said...

A list of natural inexpensive powders to detox radiation from the digestive system. Food grade activated charcoal, food grade zeolite, food grade diatomaceous earth, French green clay, bentonite clay
These can be mixed with water but taste terrible so I use gel caps. The food and water here are contaminated so I use several of these every day.

Bob in Colorado.

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