Monday, July 11, 2011

Update on Fukushima Beef: It Was the Feed That Had 75,000 Becquerels/Kg Cesium

From NHK Japanese (7/11/2011):

福島県南相馬市から出荷された肉牛から国の暫定基準値を超える放射性セシウムが検出された問題で、福島県が飼育農家から採取した餌のわらから、国の目安を 大幅に超える1キログラム当たりおよそ7万5000ベクレルの放射性セシウムが検出されたことが分かりました。わらは原発事故のあと、屋外にあったものと みられ、県が引き続き調査しています。

Regarding the case of radioactive cesium in excess of the national provisional safety limit in the beef from the meat cow shipped from Minami Soma City in Fukushima Prefecture, 75,000 becquerels/kilogram of radioactive cesium has been detected from the hay that the cattle farmer used to feed the cows. The farmer kept the hay outside after the Fukushima I Nuclear Plant accident. Fukushima Prefecture continues to investigate.


Anonymous said...

Bloody hell. Has Minami Soma been evacuated yet?

moonkai said...

No but they should. I cannot believe they have done so yet. this is despicable !

Anonymous said...

Isn't cesium the stuff that kills you if you ingest one micron of it... some miniscule amount that is almost infinitesimally small? Or, is that plutonium? Or both?

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@anon at 3;40PM, it depends on the definition of "kill" - instantly or several years down the line. At this point, the nuclides will kill several years down the line. What you're talking about is probably plutonium.

Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

Jeez! This beef is hotter than the ash from incinerated household debris in Kashwai city! With those kind of levels it is impossible to believe that "sheltering" in place was even considered as an option. I wonder how much contamination people have inadvertently brought into their homes? It is a good thing that most Japanese have the custom of using indoor and outdoor shoes. This is another perfect example of why nuclear power is totally different than any other power source on the planet. I find it laughable when people try to compare nuclear power to car wrecks and oil spills or when they claim places like Kerala India "prove" low level radiation causes no harm.

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