Wednesday, July 13, 2011

#Water Treatment System Stopped at #Fukushima I Nuke Plant Due to Yet Another Leak at AREVA's System

No, this is a different, brand-new leak that happened on July 13 their time. But the rest of the description of the problem is so identical that I simply did the cut and paste from my previous post and changed the date, as follows (just as TEPCO's handout for the press for July 13 describes the problem; in Japanese only, for now):

Another pipe with similar coupling as the one that leaked on Saturday and Tuesday leaked, causing the contaminated water treatment system to stop.

The leak was found at at 1:34PM JST on July 13 near the coupler that joins the hose that injects chemical to AREVA's coagulation/coprecipitation unit. The cause of the leak is being investigated, and it is not known when the system will be re-started. The cooling of the reactors using the treated water continues regardless.

Since it is so much like the other leaks, no major newspaper carries the news online. Not even NHK. They may all think it's about the place that leaked before.


moonkai said...

Ex SKF ... you are awesome. I love your sarcasm! It is always spot on. Thanks a million !

By the way, are you keeping track on how many times they ve stopped since launching the Areva system ? 6,7 or 8 times now ?

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